Sleep Baby Sleep

I am loving watching the babies (well, I might be making a completely different statement tomorrow), yesterday morning Dad came over and the babies were so fussy with non-stop crying. I almost think that they know not to fuss when I am home alone because today was a breeze. Babies didn’t wake up and get fed until 7:30am, since I fed them last night at 11:30, so Michael got some extra sleep. I even vacuum the floor after the feeding, vacuuming really doesn’t bother them it’s actually kind of soothing. Then they got bored laying on the mat so I talked, sang and played with them for a while before I had to pick up Lin, just before they went to sleep they usually fuss for a while so by 9:30am, Lin was asleep. In the meantime, Li was very cooperative, it only took me another 10 minutes to hold him and put him to sleep. Then I had time to clean up the room, wash their clothes (a lot of burp cloth and two soiled outfit) and prepared lunch – chicken soup, stir-fried veggies, marinated cucumber and mu shu egg. And I even got some time to write some emails. By the time Li woke up around 11am I was ready to entertain him already. Michael got home around 12:15pm, so we woke up Lin and fed them both.

Babies really have a routine and expectations. With Lin and Li, now they want their milk 4 times a day, sometimes the hours can be a little bit off but from the time they start drinking, it always takes between 2 and 3 hours when they shut their eyes, if we try to put them to bed even 5 minutes before that time frame, they would cry hysterically. Once they cry too much, they become impossible to sooth.  Yesterday since I had to pump milk because Dad was here, he couldn’t soothe both babies in time, I had to put Li to my breast, he finally stopped sobbing after spending an hour and half at my breast. So we try not to let them cry too much. It does get a bit easier now, they both went to sleep around 7pm today, so Michael and I could still cook and eat. I made organic brown rice noodle chicken soup, veggie and taro plate with Ciabatta, it was really yummy. Now Michael’s studying and I am writing my blog. I guess it is still possible for us to have a life 🙂

The really bad news is a 28-story-high rise caught on fire yesterday afternoon and they put out the fire after 4 hours. I woke up and turned on the TV, it was all over the news then I checked my email, Dr. Gil was asking me how we are. It’s really sad to watch the footage of people waiting to find their loved ones, some escaped from the building themselves, some talked to the residents over the phone and some were just hanging on the last hope that their loved ones were in the hospital and they just couldn’t communicate to their relatives. Whenever an event like that happens, it breaks everyone’s heart. Over 700 residents have been relocated to 11 hotels nearby by Shanghai government and the patients are under great care. However, Michael and I wonder if such thing could happen in Jacque Fesco’s world, where no one would be living in any building that’s being renovated. They have arrested 8 people, including the welders and the people in charge of the construction but too little, too late – 53 lives were lost, the survivors were lucky, many of them climbed down the building, as high as 22 story I heard, from the scaffolding.


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  1. Michael

    Its very unfortunate that people died in this fire when it could have been prevented easily. The problem though is the monetary system. You see, the building was under renovation. The people could not afford to move from their apartment while the renovation was underway.

    In a Venus Project society, when buildings are undergoing upgrades/renovations, people will just move to another available location without having to worry about “do I have enough money”. But in the monetary system, catastrophic events like these are unavoidable…

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