Back to our busy routine

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Michael and I joined MOB (Mind Over Body) gym, a chain run by an Australian in Shanghai. For just over $500, we are able to get a one-year membership for both of us, including unlimited yoga classes, use of gym, swimming pool, sauna and shower. They also offer other fun classes like belly dancing, sasa (a mix of Chinese folk dances), spinning, etc. For us we want to get back to yoga, especially now my recovery from C-section is going well. We have been to three yoga classes so far on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We love our Wed flow yoga instructor Debbie, she’s from Taiwan and she’s really good at coaching us. Our Saturday Hatha instructor Leo is not as good but his classes focus on different muscles, and spacing out the two sessions is important to us as well so we are happy, it’s a nice gym within walking distance from home and offers great value. The only problem was that we had to walk past all these snack and milk tea stores, so often we pick up some not-so-healthy milk tea, they are soooo good though! Yoga makes our body more flexible, relieves tension and stress so it’s a good exercise for body and mind, we both love it.

They boys are so cute and they sleep better some days than others. The other day, Michael and I took a nap with them for 2.5 hours in the morning, it was really great. Today we were not so lucky, Lin slept only for about 20 minutes, and he wouldn’t go back to his afternoon nap. I went to Tesco and did grocery shopping, came home and decided to have hotpot, it was yummy but I guess Lin wanted to join us too 🙂

In the evening, we joined Rob and Cheryl for a wine tasting, other than we didn’t have any wine. It came as a surprise that they are moving to Paris this Saturday. Rob, Cheryl and Ella have been living in Shanghai for 4 and half years, Rob just renewed his contract with GM for 2 years then the Nissan offer came suddenly and it was too good for them to refuse. We are sad to see them leave, even though now we can go to Paris to visit them maybe in the summer time in the near future, and maybe we can visit the Nolens in Belgium and Michele, Andreas in Switzerland – killing a lot of birds with one stone. We had a lovely conversation and Michael and I took the bus home, why would anyone want to own a car in Shanghai while there’s great public transportation around town!!!


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  1. Kim

    Oh man, you are making me miss Chinese food. Sichuan Hot Pot is still one of my favorites!

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