Babies’ first swim

We had the most fun time on Sunday, November 28th, babies are almost 5 months old and we decided to visit my aunt. She lives about an hour away from us, a newer part of town called Songjiang. It was a county near Shanghai but now part of Shanghai as a new district. Now with subway, it becomes pretty easy to travel there even though we took the bus for minimum walking. We went to the mall with her and my other three aunts. Its been at least 10 years since I saw all four of them. They took us for lunch and we visited two of their homes there, but before we went for lunch, we went to a mall and took the babies there for a baby spa, and to our surprise, it was such an exciting experience for Lin and Li, and us! They weren’t too happy at first but the second they hit the water, they loved it, and we loved it so much as well, it was the first time for us to see the babies move around on their own and they seem to be so natural swimming, even the girls at the baby spa said they did great as first-timers. The setup is like having a lot of fish tanks, each contains a bubble maker and they use a liner for each swim, they were first put on the life-saver, the temperature of the water wasn’t too hot, about 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) so the baby can stay in between 15 to 30 minutes. They kicked and turned themselves around, and we could watch them and play with them, anyone can see them from the outside of the store through the glass as well. Lin even turned 180 degrees to Daddy when Michael called his name, which made him a very happy dad :).  We took some real fun videos and Michael and I will make a movie of these precious moments. After the swim, they also bathed and weighed the babies, they were still about the same, at 8.36kg (18lbs and 7oz), without diaper or clothing.

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In the afternoon, my aunt watched the babies while another aunt and my cousin who just returned from Australia after he got his master degree, took us to a nearby community called Thames Town, we were really surprised to see such a community in Shanghai, if we weren’t told, we would have believed we were in Europe. It was a huge community and everything was sold but most of them were for investment purpose, so only about 300 households actually live there, it kind of seems like a ghost town to us, many people were there to take wedding photos. Its a real nice community with mostly single family homes (that cost around 1.5m USD) but you definitely need a car to get to the market, etc. not very convenient. It was still fun to walk around and breathe some fresh air!


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