Anniversary and A Lot to Remember

Last Thursday was our 3rd anniversary, since Michael and I don’t have a wedding day and we are not very much into holidays (by the way Sheldon in one of the Big Bang Theory episodes has excellent explanation for this particular topic which we totally agree with:)), the day Michael and I met at Panera in Brier Creek, December 2nd aka our anniversary, becomes one of the most important dates on our calendar. Lin and Li also turned 5 months old on the same day so there’s a lot to celebrate, they are ready to start one of the most challenging months in infancy. Interestingly, on that exact day, both of them had their bottom front left tooth coming through the gum, even though just a tiny little bit, we could feel they were sharp! They boys have been fussy in the past week probably for that exact reason, I can’t believe they are having their first tooth, just 5 short months ago they opened their eyes and saw the world…

Michael and I talked about how much we have done in the short three years we spent together, and especially we spent a lot of time together, since March 11, 2009, we have been with each other almost 24/7, I am just glad that we haven’t got sick of each other…yet 😛 We’ve traveled to so many places together, Canada, Japan, China, the Bahamas, Brazil, Costa Rica, Alaska, New York, Florida, Texas, PA, and California (I might still be missing some places). I have to say, the best thing I did was to visit him in Brazil, otherwise we definitely wouldn’t have our boys! It is also fascinating to think that probably neither of us would have had never thought, on that day, that we would end up in Shanghai three years after! But life itself is always full of surprises, ups and downs, and that’s why we love being with each other, never knew where we would be…We love the thrills of taking on challenges in life, and enjoy seeing and doing different things, at least that’s what makes us happy. Now moving back to Shanghai, also with many surprises, some of which weren’t that great, and the adjustment we had to make with two young kids, definitely forced us to grow up even more. I feel extremely fortunate to have Michael as my companion now, and  I am thankful that he came into my life at the right moment, with very much needed understanding and helped me through the most difficult time then here we are, having our wonderful kids and many dreams that we look forward to, I can honestly say that I AM the happiest me ever and there’s nothing else I could ask for.

But happy doesn’t mean easy, taking care of two babies is a difficult task, however, we really enjoy spending time with them, watching them grow, smile, kick and each little thing they learned to do seems like such a great accomplishment for us. They laugh when they see us, and cry when a stranger shows up, they lay their heads on our shoulders when they need to rest, and they come to me when they are hungry, I never knew being parents could be so tiring and rewarding in the same time! There were times I feel so exhausted but when you look at them peacefully asleep, all that work seems so trivial all of a sudden. I am sure I will miss this stage later, when communication is still not completely in place but somehow we learn to read their mind.

Michael and I went to Ye Olde Station for our special occasion, its a classy authentic Shanghai style restaurant, the food was so good as always, and we ordered 2 cold dishes, 4 hot dishes and 4 types of deserts, and we ate them all!!! The restaurant situates in the middle of Xu Jia Hui, one of the busiest downtowns (there are quite a few downtown area in Shanghai, based in major districts) in Shanghai and used to be the center of the French Concession. It is rare to see such a charming single family house in the middle of the most expensive real estates. In the courtyard, there were 2 sections of an old train, which were converted to hold more tables for the restaurant, it was quite lovely. Michael and I walked home after dinner and I asked him to take a picture of me on the sky walk, I lived in this exact location till I was 18. After all these years, I moved back to the same area, didn’t really plan to do that so its kind of funny! Like I said, life always has a lot of surprises for us, we better just enjoy the ride 🙂

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2 responses to “Anniversary and A Lot to Remember

  1. Guanglin

    happy anniversary! The twins are so advanced in growth.
    Want to visit that old station when I go to shanghai again. The block looks like European style, and all the dishes are so delicate.

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