Boys are almost six months old

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Boys are 5 and half months old, it’s been a busy month. Lin and Li love their pool at home, their first swimming experience inspired us and lead us to purchase a pool at home, Lin and Li apparently learned quickly to splash, especially Lin, he likes to lay on his back kicking the water, sometimes so violently that we all got wet from his excitement. Li is usually more gentle, he’s often on his stomach and his kicks are more like a professional. From within the womb, Lin was always very active and Li didn’t move much, after breaking out of the dark room, their personalities remain to be that way, I guess their genetic codings were different even though they shared the same food, workout and my moods during the 41 weeks. I also wonder maybe it had something to do with the birth that Lin seems to be more stubborn and Li is a little bit more shy?

They’ve demonstrated tremendous new abilities lately, Lin can use both hands to hold a ball or a toy, and Li doesn’t like to hold stuff much. Even though they don’t quite know how to use a pacifier – since we don’t give it to them, instead they love sucking on their thumbs, fingers and teethers. Li does a better job rolling on his side, his neck though isn’t as strong as Lin’s. Lin can sit up pretty well, it won’t be long before they can both sit in their high chairs. They love to sit by the dining table while we eat, and they apparently have developed a keen interest in us, at all time, it makes it difficult to all of us to multi-task. They are curious about everything, and love to giggle when we sing to them or play with them. They are both ticklish and laugh so hard when we tickle them, to give them the credit, they are easily entertained.

They’ve developed some rashes on their faces, not sure it’s from drooling or something in my diet. A week ago, it’s all gone now it’s coming back. In the past few days, I completely cut out dairy product to eliminate the exact cause for allergic reaction – yoghurt and milk tea – trying to see if it makes a difference. The rashes seem to be gone today already, one of the common causes of allergies is dairy product, the cow milk based protein can’t be digested easily as breast milk, so really it is their tender digestive system just can’t process a different protein and by giving them milk and other dairy products may also set them up for Crohn’s disease, asthma, and many other problems down the road. So I just have to make sure I eat plenty of green leafy vegetables for sufficient intake of calcium in addition to the supplement Dr. Gil has given me. Dr. Gil believes that our current understanding of nutritions is so limited that we need to eat a variety of foods, grains and focus on meats that have least amount of animal fats, a.k.a. everything that walks on two feet other than human. Also I started reading the book on nature of all foods – a book based off of the most famous “Compendiium of Materia Medica” (本草纲目), which is very interesting, it goes into explaining what each food – grains, vegetables, meats and herbs do, and what types of food that should be eaten together. Corn actually helps with the rashes so I will try to eat corn and see if that helps! We also tried preparing their first food, raw spinach leaves, we ground it and gave a small amount of it to Lin and Li. They both took it well but soon they had green poo, even though there’s nothing wrong we will wait. The nutritional values in green leafy vegetables is tremendous, and we believe it will be the ideal first foods to give to the babies, it is suggested by Dr. Gil and it makes a lot of sense to us. Fruits and grains are common first foods, but we are concerned that we will be setting up the boys for sugar and carbohydrates, once they acquire the taste of sweet foods, it is extremely difficult to break it. Weighing 19+ lbs each, Lin and Li seem to be thriving from breast milk, now their bottom front teeth are emerging, we need to start thinking about giving them real food, probably at the beginning of the 7th month. I’ve gotten so used to eating non-stop to satisfy their needs, not sure once my milk supply drops (once we start supplementing food) I can quit eating so much 🙂 . I’ve also increased the number of feedings to 5 times a day, usually 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and 11pm, their little brains do regulate how much milk they need and they spit up a lot everyday, its great we don’t have to worry about whether we have enough milk, neither do I have to worry about surplus, it’s just perfect. Although Lin has developed a habit of biting me once he’s done eating, even though we told him “no” and take him off the breast it doesn’t seem to work yet. Li is better and he really enjoys the breast and can stay on it for 30 minutes, I know both of them get the job done within 15 minutes now but I am okay with them being soothed by the breast also.

Another issue we have is that the boys don’t sleep enough, during the day, now they only nap for no more than an hour and half, sometimes only half an hour. This is very different from last month, from the book it says they should be sleeping now between 14 and 18 hours, they are sleeping about 11 to 13 hours a day. However, it also indicates that children who are gifted usually don’t sleep much because they just can’t turn off the world, their increasing curiosity keeps them awake and fighting to fall asleep. We are not too worried, at least they sleep through the night and that’s the best thing parents can ask for. Then Lin has been waking up at 3:15am in the past two days and it usually takes about half an hour for him to go back to sleep – maybe from teething.

It snowed yesterday, -1 degree. It was so cold but this morning it got warmer, Justin came for a short visit, we really njoyed having him here, we went to Ye Olde Station for lunch and the courtyard looked really beautiful with snow. We keep the apartment warm all the time, so the boys are still on long-sleeve onesies, pants and socks only. We try to keep ourselves healthy so we don’t run the risk of giving them a cold. Michael and I really enjoy soaking our feet for 30 minutes in a wooden bucket I bought on line, it’s made of solid wood and it’s up near the knees so we use really hot water and sweat from the soaking – greatest feelings. I also buy and make Chinese herbs and add the cooked juice into the bucket. A bucket like this costs us RMB 130 ($20) and that’s including the delivery – the same type of wooden bucket but half the height which doesn’t cover crucial pressure points on the legs – costs $200 before shipping cost on Amazon. I am sure its made in China too. One of the reasons we moved here, everything is just so much cheaper.



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2 responses to “Boys are almost six months old

  1. michele

    Dear Cynthia, Thank you for sending us the link again. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you and the boys are surviving a Shanghai winter?! Is there snow? Are you having to bundle them up just to go outdoors? Does your double buggy even fit on the sidewalks with all of the people!!

    Each child develops its own sleep habits but I can tell you, my boys don’t want to shut out the world. They never have been big sleepers as they have feared they will miss something. So, that is interesting what you read about gifted children!

    • Hi Michele,

      Yes it snowed already, we’ve had 0 degrees for a few days and it was cold then the weather turned warm again. Yesterday it was 16 degrees and today a little bit colder so we took the boys out on both days. We have not transitioned to strollers (we did get a twin stroller from my cousin as a gift) yet we just love our Ergo carrier, even in winter they only need to wear a light jacket over their onesies since the carriers keep them so close to our bodies…as a matter of fact, they were a bit uncomfortable when we got home today – they felt too warm! I am not sure if we will ever need to use the stroller – maybe when they are 2 or 3 years old and become too heavy for us to carry??? For now, it’s so easy to take them everywhere, especially in a city you know.

      Lin is getting close to 14 hours now, but Li is still between 11~12 hours, he’s definitely more curious about the world – and its amazing how concentrated they are when I talk to them as if they understand every single word! I think the teething may have something to do with it since sometimes they wake up in a middle of the nap and scream, which they never did before.

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