The Great Firewall of China

Since Lin, Li and Michael are all sleeping and there’s no dirty dishes to wash, I am going to write down the “secret” of getting around the Great Firewall of China since I’ve got questions from more than one person now how we get on facebook – and the secret is TO PAY $5 A MONTH – that’s right, that’s all you need to do: using the VPN service so as though you are accessing from a US server. An added benefit of this is that we can use our Skype with domestic rate rather than international rates.

By the way, we are loving the Chinese sites, a few selected ones are: (this is the encyclopedia of TV series, movies, games and more, and from every continent) (just gone IPO at NYSE, not sure why NYSE would agree to have this site go public since its all bootleg, but we love the Korean soap opera there) (well instead of having Free Super Saver Shipping, here everything is delivered the next day for free on Amazon) (probably the largest shopping site in China, you pay for the delivery but the prices are really sweet and I like their payment system very secure,  I buy diapers and all kinds of stuff from there) or (electronics, computer stuff, this is a great site, sometimes same-day delivery for everything)

We buy our organic veggies from Tesco, and an organic chain grocer called Haikele (free delivery for purchase over RMB 100/USD 15), who is also the sole seller of  organic sugar-free yoghurt. City Shop is our favorite for imported goods and bread (free delivery for purchase over RMB 200/USD 30) even though a lot of the imports are way overpriced, I am just happy they have the whole line of Seventh Generation, from baby wipes to detergent.

After all, we are talking about China, where everything is made these days. Things are cheap here, if you are not talking about real estate. And the blocking of Facebook, Meetup, YouTube, etc. like I said, costs $5 a month to get around…



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2 responses to “The Great Firewall of China

  1. Michael

    Having to deal with the great firewall is annoying but as Cynthia stated, we found ways to get around it. I find it interesting though that the USA government has stolen thousands of web site URLs recently stating copy write infringement. The USA government claims it cares about freedom and rebukes china for the “great firewall” while at the same time prevents thousands of web sites from operating (a clear violation of freedom of speech).

    All governments are the same, just have different appearances.

  2. Guanglin

    very useful websites!

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