Welcoming the new year

During Christmas weather was really cold. We went with my high school friends for a big French dinner at IFC in Pudong. John was in Shanghai and joined us for the dinner and he also came over and took some pictures for Lin and Li as well.

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2 responses to “Welcoming the new year

  1. michele

    Cynthia and Michael, Beautiful babies!! And, their sturdiness will help them through the toddler years!! Help them through any illness which I hope they can avoid. But, the PORTABLE PEDIATRICIAN book says an average two year old is ill for 8 months of its 12 month second year! Also, boys are more likely to meet this goal than girls. Maxim’s second year was close to that, even though at times it was only a stuffy nose. Worries the parents anyway.

    • Yes Michele, I hear babies get sick all the time, but we are trying very hard to avoid it! Michael and I don’t really want them to get any jab or medication. But we shall see, I know someday they will have fever or something else but just hoping that day doesn’t come any time soon. Dr. Gil said fever is a friend though, it exercises babies’ immune system, as long as it’s not very high grade fever 🙂

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