Trip to Xiamen – Part II: Babies On The Go

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At five and half months, Lin and Li are big enough to rid of their Ergo infant insert, this is especially nice because we didn’t need to carry 2 extra pieces of luggage. They seemed to be always curious about the world around them. It was really not too different for them as far as their routines go – eating every four hours, stay awake for 2 hours and sleep for an hour or two during the day; once the clock hits 9pm, they still went to sleep and  wake up around 6:30 or 7 in the morning. The hotel provided a nice crib for us, and we switched Lin and Li every night in there, and they did just fine. The only thing we found that’s different is when we carried them outside they were better than staying inside, they checked things around. Lin still struggled for usually a few minutes just before falling asleep, we called him Mr. Siren going through town. This trip they had their first train ride, and saw the beach for the first time.


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