Trip to Xiamen – Part III: A few things about Gulangyu

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Gulangyu (鼓浪屿) is the island in Xiamen (厦门), we stayed exclusively on the island even though the city of Xiamen is a much better place for sightseeing. You will need to take a ferry in and out of Gulangyu. We visited 菽庄花园,a once privately owned residence on the ocean front. There’s also a pretty famous piano museum in the garden that houses dozens of antique pianos. Michael and I found some very interesting snacks on our stroll. One old guy made a tiger out of liquid candy, it brought back my memory from almost 25 years ago (isn’t that scary???) when I was in elementary school, vendors sold things like that in Shanghai, not any more though. So we asked him to make a tiger (because Lin and Li are tigers) and had a lot of fun taking pictures of it.


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