Lin & Li continue to grow

We are very lucky that our boys are great sleepers. I feed them 5 times now and still working on giving them small amount of solids like juice from raw green vegetables. The boys continue to sleep through the night and wake up in the morning between 6 and 7. It’s amazing that they almost always go to sleep 2 hours after they start the feeding! In the morning they usually can sleep for two hours, then one hour in the afternoon, only half an hour in the early evening. They are being held or at least accompanied at all time and that could be one of the reasons that enabling them to sleep well at night we think.

For some reason, they still have rash on their faces, it’s no problem in the morning but at night it gets worse. Lin especially has to rub his face on our clothes and he cries sometimes because he’s irritated. We are going to talk to Dr. Gil tomorrow. I’ve cut out the dairy products, no milk, yogurt, and I am not eating seafood so I really don’t know what’s causing the problem, maybe simply because I am breast feeding them?

They are growing not only in size, but also their skills – rolling over (Lin the other day rolled over from on his tummy to his back), interaction with us (they still cry when they meet strangers though), they love my aunt since she spends a lot of time with them and they go to sleep so much quicker when she holds them and sings to them. Li also is a great jumper on the ball, he paces himself with the rhythm which is amazing for a 6-month old (I have to video tape it). Yesterday Michael also showed me how well the boys sit now, they are probably just days away from being to sit independent for a long time on their own. They also make funny noise, like singing Peking Opera and grab everything they can get their hands on including our dinner plate and they have succeeded already to throw stuff.

Our house always seem to have guests, Liang Xin and Mr. Huang came over today with their son again, bringing two baskets full of my favorite organic eggs. They also brought over a complete set of Baby Einstein. The boys seem to really enjoy the DVDs. In the evening, Junjie’s parents came over as well, they loved seeing the boys and like everyone else, they gave the boys Hongbao…I kind of feel bad but Chinese always give money to babies…I showed them our birth story video and lots of pictures, I really enjoyed the time I spent with them.


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