Infantile Eczema and Ringworm

The title does seem quite scary…well, it’s not that serious, so there’s nothing to worry about yet. Lin and Li started to show rashes on their faces and I have been changing my diet to see what’s really causing their rashes, and that is infantile eczema, which usually go away between age of 1 and 2. Usually infantile eczema is common in breastfed babies, three quarters of the kids who have it inherit it from their parents, who had allergies, asthma, etc. The common triggers are foods with high protein, such as cow milk, fish, shrimp, and eggs. I did noticed when I gave them egg yolk, the rashes showed up right away so I’ve stopped giving them eggs or eating eggs myself. According to the Chinese studies of infantile eczema (奶癣), there are two different kinds, one with symptom called 风热 that’s red, bumpy and with white skin flakes,  the other kind called 风寒 which manifests with blisters. Lin and Li has the first one, which is a little bit better than the second type. The rashes often cause itchiness and they rub their faces against our shoulder, blanket sometimes making it hard for them to fall asleep. Since I still breast feed them five times a day, I have to quit eating eggs now on top of seafood and any dairy products. I also took Dr. Gil’s advice, using a juicer to get dark green veggie juice, mixed with carrot juice, apple juice, all fresh squeezed. The boys love eating the veggies/fruit juice, but that makes the burping very difficult, anything that they spit on gets really nasty with a greenish white color, I have to hand wash them before putting them in the laundry. Did I mention that they spit up a lot? We are not too worried since they are still gaining a lot of weight, now around 21lbs each, and spitting up usually doesn’t stop until 9~12 months, we can’t wait though.

We also noticed the boys have the ringworm just on top of their bottom. We thought it was just diaper rash but Michael pointed out it’s ringworm (I had no idea). We are using Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrust for now and I am waiting for Dr. Gil to send us some homeopathic remedy. It is caused by fungus, and it is contagious, Lin’s is worse than Li’s, Li probably got it from swimming in the same pool at home. I looked it up its not a big deal, some OTC cream should do the trick.

Well there is good news, I put Li in the Ergo but on my back, he loved it and took a nap in it for an hour and half, it’s MUCH easier for me though to do some housework. I was able to cook and eat my afternoon snack, and even held Lin when he woke up (see picture as evidence).



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2 responses to “Infantile Eczema and Ringworm

  1. laura

    Danny had a little bit of eczema as well when he was a baby. I used to put a little bit of olive oil in the bathtub to help with it (he did smell like French fries but it helped :-))…( then I would put aveno cream. For him it was behind the knees and his elbows. I also noticed that it was better while we were in Spain with the dry heat, than in SC with all the humidity. Hope they get better soon. (Daniel doesn’t have it anymore). Thankfully that was the only major problem he had as a baby (so I can’t complain :-)).

    • Hi Laura, I am using Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush, it’s amazing, already looking much better overnight. Dr. Gil also gave me a homeopathic remedy I will try that out as well.

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