Li Bounces with Us

Li is funny…he seems to be very sensitive to music, first time we noticed was with Nancy’s family. Her son Winnie was asked to play violin in front of us, he’s 10 years old and is still rusty on this violin skills, Li’s face immediately changed after the music started. Corners of his mouth go down and within seconds, he was going to cry, and as soon as Winnie stopped playing, he would be perfectly happy again. We tried it couple of times and made sure it was because of the music. It was really funny. Second time was at the milk tea shop Michael and I walked to, the boys are always curious and inquisitive in the carriers while walking. The milk tea stand was playing some loud rock songs, I went up to the counter and was going to order some tea, then again Li was frowning and ready to cry, I walked a few steps away, he would be fine. So you can only imagine how much fun we had that night stepping away and to the stand. Yes we were sure again it was the music. Now sometimes we bounce them on the balance ball just for fun, Lin doesn’t do this but Li can keep up with our pace, it’s amazing.


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