Solids Everyday

Wow, the 7th month is so exciting for us. Boys have shown so many new abilities. After couple of tries we’ve finalized what we are giving them on a daily basis. Here is the recipe, organic green leafy vegetables (we are using bok choy since it’s really good and it’s in season) plus carrot and apple. I used a juicer to grind the raw bok choy and mix in fresh squeezed carrot and apple juice. Dr. Gil said the raw green leafy vegetables is so great in nutrients so we washed them very very well and sanitized everything including the juicer. Lin and Li have no trouble eating, as a matter of fact, they love eating. It was natural for them, especially Li, to open up his mouth when the spoon comes near. Lin still shows his reflex, sticking out his tongue so he may not be quite ready as Li, but he’s doing just fine despite being a little messy. The reason we use the juice and very little apple juice is that they are used to the bland taste of food. Apple juice seems to be really sweet so I only use one to mix in about 9x 120ml (4oz) veggie juice so the taste is just a little sweet. The other day, when I was giving Michael a spoonful of yoghurt, Li actually opened up his mouth and followed the spoon, of course he didn’t get it but it was soooo cute!

Another item we got was the Bellamy’s organic rice cereal and oatmeal, it’s Australian made and free of GM product and sugar. At first I used breast milk to mix it to a desired consistency but today we just mixed in the veggie mix. It worked great because unlike liquid the paste is much easier to work with hence resulted in much less waste of food. It was a lot of work though, I have to say but making 9 days of supply at a time isn’t too bad. I also got some toothiepegs, Lin loves them and the carrot, he holds it with both hands and chew on it all the time, it probably soothes him with the teething, but Li holds it with his right hand only for a few seconds, then he throws it away, he does the same thing with his teether, pretty funny.

In order to prevent tooth decay, I am giving them a little bit of water after each feeding, which helps with digestion in the same time. Also using a small piece of gauze pad to wipe their gum and teeth to get rid of the tiny traces of milk that could cause big problems over time. I am very surprised how well they eat and I am happy that they take the raw veggie mix no problem, I wouldn’t!!!



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