Starting Potty Training

Today the boys can almost sit without support, sitting independently is such an important milestone. It means a lot of things – better control of telling us when they want more food or not by moving back and forth; going on the back of the carrier and most importantly, allowing us to start potty training. When we were at Lollipop, we bought this UK made potty that goes on top of the toilet bowl, it’s designed for kids are at least 8 months old but we wanted to give it a try. Since we came to China, we learned most kids here are potty trained by age of 18 months, and we see a lot of them wear split pants. We always felt bad that our cloth diaper idea never really worked for us, it was just too much work if we did that – we would be washing their clothes all day long so the idea of getting rid of the diaper sooner got into our head a while ago.

I remember one of the childbirth books I read during pregnancy was about start potty training early, to be more specific, start it before the kids have a sense of shame. Like birth, it is a very psychological process, just like adults can’t go when someone is watching, toddlers don’t like to be “trained” simply because they can’t go in front of others. Once the babies can almost sit on their own, which happened today, Michael put both Lin and Li on the toilet. Lin actually went but Li didn’t, he developed an interest of toilet paper instead 🙂 We whistled and encouraged them to go, it was a great time.

We will probably get a potty the boys can sit on on But this is a good start and maybe we can reduce the use of diaper that way, I hope.


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