Is a fat carrot safe as a teether?

The answer is NO. I can’t believe Lin chewed a piece of carrot off, it’s the size of a thumb nail. And he was gagging, spitting up milk. My aunt found there’s a big piece missing from the carrot and we feared it was his Lin’s mouth and sure it was. I forced him to gag again then the piece fell out. It was scary. He holds the carrot so well, and his four half out front teeth – top and bottom – are surprisingly powerful. So what every book says about a fat carrot is safe, is not true. Well, I am glad I took this video yesterday because there won’t be any more video of him chewing on a carrot!



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3 responses to “Is a fat carrot safe as a teether?

  1. Leslie Fox

    Whoa! I’m glad that the little guy is ok. Good to know – we won’t be giving them carrots!!

  2. Courtney Smith

    Hi Cynthia,

    the boys are getting so big. When are you coming for a visit? Celery is a natural pain reliever for little teethers but with the carrot story I am not sure I would attempt it.


    • Hey Court, we are going to Hawaii to meet up with Mike’s family there in July and that will be a trip to allow me to maintain my green card, once a year thing. So we don’t have any plans to return to the mainland yet. The boys actually don’t fuss much because of the teething, celery is also on the choking item list, so I am playing safe and just giving Lin the toothiepeg for now, nothing else 🙂

      How are you guys doing? Mason must be so big now, it’s amazing how fast they change, both their features and abilities!!!

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