Lin and Li are 7 Months Old

Lin and Li turned 7 months old on the last day of the year of the tiger, and will start their 8th month on Feb 3rd, New Year’s Day of the Year of the Rabbit. The 7th month is such a challenging month, they’ve developed so much more than ever, in the meantime, we had to face a lot of new issues.

Eczema: after couple of attempts, we have singled out the reason why they are having eczema, they are extremely sensitive to dairy products, such as yoghurt, milk, or any food that contains dairy products. I’ve stayed away from seafood, and dairy products from the very beginning, but once in a while, I ate yoghurt, within an hour, the raised bumps will show on their faces. However, eczema still bothered them when I quit eating any seafood or dairy product, their cheeks were still red and they rubbed their faces against our clothes. After talking to Dr. Gil, I quit eating eggs and that seems to solve the problem all together. I guess they just can’t take proteins. Now we eat tofu, beans and a variety of grains to make sure they get enough protein.

Ringworm: Dr. Gil’s remedy worked wonders, I couldn’t believe how quickly it took care of the problem. Using garlic and vinegar apparently killed the fungus but not other rashes.

Fever: I was very nervous when they have fever but Michael wasn’t. It’s a lot of work to raise twins not to mention two babies with fever. Their sleep schedule was completely messed up and basically we couldn’t get any time alone, crying, fussing but it made us appreciate a whole lot more now they are healthy again.

Today is so much better already, the boys slept through the night again and I got up early to clean up since tomorrow marks the first day of the year of the rabbit.

Lin and Li are so cute now, they would stare at their hand and it’s almost like they are trying to figure out what they can do with their fingers. They grab, kick and sometimes they are so strong that they can hurt us. They are making vowel sounds like “dada”. They sit pretty well and sometimes they can almost jump out of our arms. They are great eaters, we had no trouble feeding them food, which now we use raw veggie mix and organic baby rice and baby porridge (mixture of different grains like millet, oatmeal, etc.). Li is natural with picking up certain skills, like opening his mouth, gumming the food, drinking from a straw, we didn’t need to teach him vs. Lin’s reflex was a bit longer so he’s a bit more messy. We definitely noticed that their spit-up was reduced quite a bit – good news that their digestive system has matured greatly.

Their motor skills are developing on a normal pace, following the top (head) to bottom (feet), center (trunk) to sides (limbs), front (abdominal muscle) to back (back muscle). Next step for them is to crawl, which I am not very looking forward to 🙂 They still take naps 2 or 2.5 hours after their feeding, but Li sleeps much less than Lin does. He seems to be more excited about things around him and sometimes refuses to sleep, like today 😦

They measures about 68cm long and 21 lbs each. And I am running out clothes!



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2 responses to “Lin and Li are 7 Months Old

  1. Kim

    Can you tell me more about the ringworm treatment?

    • Use a garlic press to mash the garlic, soak it in white vinegar for at least a day (I leave it in the fridge) and drain it, use the liquid only on the infected area several times a day. They scream when the liquid is applied on the ringworm, and it doesn’t burn the regular rashes.

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