Loving Phuket

We started our trip to Thailand on a warm winter night, this is the third flight Lin and Li were on. My aunt travelled with us all the way to the Pudong Airport and the journey was almost 2 hours. We took the subway and thankfully each transfer people offered their seats to us. China Eastern flight was pleasant, the flight time was 4 hours 40 minutes. The flight attendants were very helpful, they offered even a whole row of seats for us in the back but we decided to try the bassinets, luckily, the boys have not exceeded the weight and length limit, they are at the max but they did fit in the bassinets, for the last time.

Temperature was 26C/80F at Phuket when we arrived at 1am. Our driver didn’t show up so it took us a while to find someone to call him, it turned out that he showed up late because our flight got in 20 minutes earlier. Li, however, was wide awake and was curious about everything so he didn’t want to sleep now. The ride to the hotel was about 20 minutes and Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa looked very modern, we were greeted by the staff with a welcome drink – fresh chilled apple juice and were told that we were upgraded because Michael has the platinum status with Marriott. We also got unlimited bottle water and free internet because of it. The room was huge, it’s a one bedroom suite but with the size of our apartment.  The resort opened 11 months ago and is situated on Mai Khao beach, it’s far from the town and Patong Beach so it’s very private and quiet. Marriott built bunch of hotels, resorts and vacation club on Mai Khao beach and guests can take their golf car and shuttle going back and forth different properties and shopping area Turtle Village, which is pretty convenient, we also found out that we can just walk along the beach for 10 minutes to get to some local restaurants.

Travelling with infants is definitely a different experience, I am glad we went with a resort since it’s so convenient. Most of the time, we just hang out at the resort, there’s plenty to do, pool, beach, napping, and just playing with Lin and Li. For food, we had a lot of room service, it’s convenient and we love the food here, Thai food is at its best in Thailand of course, the prices at the hotel is about 10 USD per item, and outside the hotel at Turtle Village about 3 dollar an item, both are top quality. They have kids pool so we took the boys there couple of times, the breakfast was fabulous, and every morning, Lin and Li get so much attention from the staff, they just love the twins! A lot of the guests bring their kids but ours so far are the youngest, most babies are at least 12 months old but it’s very nice to stay in a kids friendly place. Most of the tourists are Chinese and Europeans, so we did get to talk to many people. We met Swedish, Germans, Scottish and a couple who are American-Chinese mix who live in Shanghai with their 13 month old daughter. The boys did try some new fruits they love drinking straight from the coconut and papaya.

The staff here is just wonderful, Thai are very friendly people, they were 10 years ago when I visited Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, they still are now. They really try everything to make our trip memorable. The other day, we got upgraded again to the pool villa once it becomes available, and they set up two nice cribs in the room. I forgot my dress at the Kids Pool one day, and it was returned dry cleaned and ironed. The Australian chef Nathan offered to make us baby food, mixed greens and carrot juice so Lin and Li did get something like home other than rice cereal. I can’t think of anything that I will complain about this resort, it’s absolutely beautiful, convenient, friendly.

My cousin Fenny told us that giving them water will help with the eczema so we tried that,  even after I ate seafood and eggs, their faces were clear. We can’t believe it. The weather is very hot here- around 35C/95F so they need plenty of water anyway. The boys also loved spending time on the beach, they didn’t cry at all for couple of hours, and I breastfed them on the beach. Now it is easier to feed them one by one since they only drink for 10 or 15 minutes, I still feed them 5 times a day and feeding them with a nursing cover in public places is not a problem, so far I did it in a packed shuttle van, on the beach, in the restaurant, getting used to it. We offer them water after each feeding to rinse their mouth and they love it even at the last feeding, they just love the water! The tub in our room is huge and four of us fit in it, Lin and Li complained about the preserver so took them off, they don’t seem to mind getting water in their mouth at all and they jumped and waved their arms and legs like crazy in the water, it’s a lot of fun! The pool that we can step into from our bedroom is too cold for the babies so we used it only once. They didn’t complain too much when they first got in (we did – it’s so cold) but after 5 minutes they started crying. They pool sure lowered their body temperature so we got them in the warm tub instead. Babies are pretty resilient, we took them out to Phuket Town one day, and it was stressful because of the hot heat, we were lucky to find a nice Toyota pickup truck that comfortably fit four of us, the driver is the girlfriend of the porter at Metropole hotel in downtown Phuket. She was wonderful and helped us with the babies along the way. We went to Wat Chalong and the weekend night market, even though the temple was beautiful, the weather was just too hot, we had to make a stop for some drinks and snacks. I was really amazed how well the boys were under such hot weather. They were in sun protective shirt, long sleeve with a hoodie. And they slept in the afternoon. They now slept through the night again, usually from 9pm to 6:30am with a feeding at 11pm but no fuss after the feeding, they go right back to sleep. They are probably exhausted from all the activities during the day!


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