8 months

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Lin and Li turned 8 months today and the 8th month is so much fun! They weigh 9.8kg each, about 21.6lbs at 90 percentile according to the WHO weight chart. Too bad I didn’t have enough time to write down all the details but here is what I can remember so far… Both of them can sit up pretty well, and turn their heads. They love to smile even at strangers, but once we pass them to someone else, within 10 seconds they cry – well at least it’s not that easy to steal them from us 🙂 A few days ago both boys started pushing their bottoms up and got on their knees a bit, and it is truly AMAZING within a few days Li can crawl already even though he looked a little funny and he will need some improvement to make his crawling.

The biggest change now is that the boys can entertain themselves a bit, before we had to hold them most of the time during the day but now I put pillows around them and they can sit inside the circle and play for at least half an hour. Lin likes to “steal” things from Li and that makes Li cry. They are good most of the time though, it’s so cute to watch them but I am happy that we have a little break now from time to time.

I am still breast feeding them 5 times a day, they get their milk even faster now, between 5 to 15 minutes, depending on their mood, the breasts still are the best soothing tool, they just love hanging out there even when they were upset breasts are instant switch to turn them from crazy to calm. I really can’t imagine giving up breast feeding, it’s good for them and good for me. I can feel that oxytocin honestly flowing in my body when they are at my breast – that loving feeling with sleepiness. However, we do feed them solids now, now we have increased it to twice a day one during lunch time and another feeding at dinner time. Raw green vegetable juice mixed with fruits like banana, apple or strawberries, and another feeding with steamed egg mixed with baby rice cereal and baby multi-grain cereal. They eat really for the most part, feeding them is a lot of fun rather than work.

They also pretty much stopped spitting up, which is great! However, along with solid foods came stinky poop! Michael and I love the potty we got online, it’s a Fisher-Price with ring tones when they pee or poop, it’s good for them to hear it and it’s good for us to know when they go, and almost every time we put them on it we get something in return 🙂 and we give them a high-5 and they smile. Sometimes they even sigh after they go, really funny.

I think their personalities are definitely different. In the womb, Lin was the active one and Li was more quiet. And Lin has shown consistently that he doesn’t have much patience, if he loses his toothiepeg, he gets upset and cries usually, he seems more stubborn. Li seems to be picking up new things on his own, we never really need to teach him anything and he just does it on his own, like sucking water out of a straw. They seem to be good at different things, Lin would pass the toothiepeg from one hand to the other, and flip it when one end is too short for him to chew on. HE LOVES HIS TOOTHIEPEG and no one can take it away from him. Li likes to pick things up and drops them, then he laughs! We kind of let them experiment with their new skills and let me mess things up sometimes just to have fun, it’s a good way for them to learn anyway. We have to be quick though when we feed them, because they always seem to eat faster than we can feed.

But what I love about them most is their smile, these two boys love to smile, and make funny sounds. Thankfully, some things don’t change like their sleeping schedule, they still can sleep from 8:30p to 6am, with one feeding at 11pm, though that’s the easiest feeding – pickup, drink and sleep feeding.

Right after Thailand, we took the boys to the Shanghai Aquarium and we had a blast, the boys loved it as well. Although Li had a cold a few days later and passed it to Lin, Michael and I so it was a bit more difficult when they had colds initially since they woke up at night probably because of the discomfort and the mucus stuffed in their nose. After we returned from Thailand, their ringworm came back, Michael and I found mold on the wall in our bedroom yesterday! Even though we took care of it right away, we were wondering if that has anything to do with their rashes. I still use the garlic vinegar solution Dr. Gil told us about and that does a good job but since it hurts them, they scream and cry so badly it’s hard to watch. We will have to figure out this mysterious cause of their ringworm by eliminating all the possibilities, still going through different strategies.


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