The package arrived!

The awesome hand-held blender arrived, I am so glad my aunt told me about it since cleaning my current blender is a pain. This new Philips hand-held blender is great for making smoothies, chopping onions and making wonton stuffing and the cleaning is super easy – just rinse it and hang it up!



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3 responses to “The package arrived!

  1. michele

    Love this one!! It’s great, they should always have a gadget or something to examine in their hands. I saw you gave Lin (?) the ball. Dominic’s favorite thing from that age, until even today, was bottles. We have hundreds of them, all different shapes and sizes and we play match the lid games with them. I have already decided his second birthday cake will be in the shape of a bottle;) Love the videos, keep them coming!!

    • They love electronics, they would ignore all the toys and go for remote control, key board. And they love chewing on their spoons and bowls. They like the balls, especially Li, he would hold two balls and try to get the third (of course he has never succeeded).

    • Also that was Li, not Lin. They also love my glasses, and once they get hold of something, it’s very difficult to get it back!

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