Drinking Smoothie

Now we feed the boys twice a day. My aunt told me about this great mixer made by Philips and it’s so much easier to use than my blender, mostly because of the cleaning. All we need to do is to rinse it and hang it up, takes a minute. In the morning I make porridge (now using corn, quinoa, millet, brown rice, purple rice), then blender it with a banana, strawberries and an apple. In the morning, I mix in Bellamy’s rice cereal and baby porridge (oatmeal, etc.), make it into a thicker consistency so that we can feed them with a spoon and it doesn’t get too messy. In the afternoon, we add the veggie juice into the smoothie, and make it thinner so that they can drink it right from their bottle. They have no trouble getting it down but they still love the milk, by far the breasts are still the best soothing method 🙂

We also noticed whenever they see food like the smoothie or toothiepeg, they get really excited waving their arm, leaning forward and so forth. Li does the same thing sometimes when he sees me breastfeeding Lin it’s real funny.


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