Boys interacting with each other

Well, we’ve been taking a lot of videos and uploading them on youtube since the boys are so cute, but more importantly it is obvious that they have reached a critical development stage. They wave their hands when they see us, smile and they definitely know what’s going on. Their favorite toys are remote control, keyboard, and they love chewing on things with their 7 teeth (yes both of them have only 3 teeth on the bottom at identical places), whether its a teether, a pacifier (they love the edge of it not the nipple), remote control, their spoon, our fingers, their own fingers…it is the time they stick everything they can get into their tiny little mouths.

It is also a great relief now that they can sit on the mat and play by themselves for a while, this is such a great change for us because they don’t require us to hold them all the time, since they are getting heavier and heavier as well. It is so much fun to watch them doing anything!



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