Yes we are back in the States

What happened in the past 24 hours is like a story in a movie! We returned from Hangzhou, knowing that situation in Japan is getting worse, Liang Xin called and told us her family is planning on leaving Shanghai because of the concern over possible radiation in Shanghai, which is only 1200 miles from Sendai.

We did a lot of research on the consequences of the radiation, and Tuesday afternoon we decided it will be the best if we get out of dodge, at midnight, Japanese has adjusted the status to 6 over 0~7 scale, Chernobyl was 7, so we booked the flight with Delta at 1am and took off at 10am Wed morning.

My aunt was still asleep when we did all that, I called my dad, who was in Shanghai and he cried over the phone, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal since we are just taking measures to ensure that IF something happens, the boys will not be affected. Packing was easy since we are always on the go, but leaving was difficult, my aunt woke up at 6am, she had one hour for me to talk through all the things that she needs to do, including telling our ayi the plan, and also for her to get a passport first so she can leave if it is necessary. Dad came over at 6 and helped us with packing, dressing up the babies, and they both came to the airport with us. My parents have passports but do not have a valid US visa now so I asked them to get one just in case situation gets worse. For Chinese, it is very difficult to flee because even if people have passports, they will have to obtain visa going to almost any foreign countries, they can’t just pick up and go. For us, since I still hold a Chinese passport, we can either go back to the US east coast or go to Mauritius, which do not require a visa, like Liang Xin. I spoke with her a few hours ago, they are at the beach in Mauritius already.

So here we are, in PA, 18 hours later, we are staying at Staybridge Extended Stay at Allentown West, about five minutes away from Mike’s family. The hotel has nice breakfast and even a pool. We are not sure how long we will be here, but Mike’s family has been extremely helpful, we are happy that we can spend some time with them, and it’s wonderful to see Mike’s mom and his grandparents to see the babies, since the grandparents may not be able to visit Hawaii this summer.

The trip was tough on the boys, they did excellent on the first leg from Shanghai to Detroit, the airlines screwed up the seating, they totally ignored our request, actually they confirmed that we will have bassinets but once we got on the plane, they put us on one window, one isle seating at the opposite ends of the plane, on different rows. Finally the crew were able to work things out with other passengers and we were able to sit in the front row with one bassinet. At Detroit we had two hours layover, we ate lunch and fed the boys, and changed them and got to the gate with no problem. Again we had to work on changing our seats so we could sit with each other. Luckily people were nice enough to switch their seats for us. Lin was fussy during the whole hour from Detroit to Allentown, and finally when he went to sleep, at landing, the armrest fell and hit him right on his head and he was upset from that point on. When we got home, Maddie and Anna were so happy to see Lin and Li



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2 responses to “Yes we are back in the States

  1. Donna

    I’m sorry that you had to come back but am glad you are with Michael’s family. I know that they are enjoying the time with the boys and their parents.

    Will keep my fingers crossed that your family will be able to get visas soon.

  2. laura

    Oh my, I’m glad you guys made it safe. Will your family come over too? How long do you guys think that you’ll be here? Let us know if we can help you guys.

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