PA for a Change

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Time flies and we are in PA for a week already! Lin and Li are very happy to see their cousins, Madeline and Anna, Uncle Matt and Aunt Colleen, Grandpa and Mima and their great grandparents, Rose and Steve. The girls are very good with the babies, they kiss and hug them all the time, these are very special moments. I looked at Lin and Li’s pictures at around 4 months, they look so different now.

The day before yesterday, both of them for the first time, were able to pull themselves up to a sitting position from a crawling position. And throughout yesterday, they have mastered the skills already. It was so much fun to watch Li going back and forth between crawling and sitting, I am sure he was happy about that as well. Lin, on the other hand, love to play with Maddie’s toys. They apparently loved going to Sharon and Gary’s house, since there are a lot of things to see and play, and of course, many people who hold them.

We are staying at Staybridge Suites nearby, and we took the boys to the pool, they thoroughly enjoyed the swim, even though we forgot to bring the other life preserver, and the swim suit we bought at Target didn’t work at all. So Michael had to hold Lin. They just love the water! Li threw up again a few days before, from us overfeeding him probably. I forgot to write about the details of him throwing up like a faucet at the train station when we left for Hangzhou, it was horrific, this time as well, it’s hard to watch him suffer from the discomfort. Lin didn’t seem to have problem eating the same amount of the food but every child is different with their digestive system.

We found a Wegmans grocery nearby and some Chinese staying at the hotel told us about the Far East Grocery Market in Whitehall, which is less than 10 miles away from us so we stopped by yesterday and picked up some of our favorite eats. Michael and I both miss the food in China, although we are happy to get our Duncan Donuts coffee and even Munchkins (can you believe it we are eating those???), we do know it is a temporary thing or a fix…we were here for Colleen and Matt’s birthday, which is great. Last night ordered Chinese food, and I did enjoy the ice-cream cake. It’s just so hard to find the usual food we like, and all these sugary foods are so in front of our eyes and its really hard not to eat them because there are few alternatives to choose from. We also went to a nearby Chinese restaurant Panda & Fish, the owner was happy to make authentic Chinese food, that was good, Gary, Matt and Sharon all enjoyed it.

First few days we were here, the weather was lovely and then it snowed, we are not used to the cold weather, and its hard to think one month before, we were in Thailand with 90 degree temperature. Traveling poses a lot of changes, and it’s good for my mind, and good for the boys I think, they do get to see a lot of different places and people. I am happy that they behave really well in the restaurants, like they always have. It is more difficult this trip because of the jet lag, it took them a good week to sort of get back to their normal schedule. They did go to bed earlier now, at round 8:30pm, and this morning they got up at 6:30am, back to their routine, so we are happy about that.

We are making plans along the way, this weekend Fiona will be visiting from NY, and maybe next weekend the Reohrs will be coming, then we are planning on visiting Tracy in DC then spending maybe 2 weeks in North Carolina. Maybe even stop by Maui to visit Laurie’s family on the way back to China, this escape is really turning into a world tour 🙂


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