Play Time

Days just flew by when we are spending time just with the kids. With four of them in the house, it still seems there’s little time left for ourselves. Yesterday four of them were napping together, Sharon was still like a busy bee, she’s amazing as a care giver and I don’t know how she keeps the house spotless, a lot of hard work! I had time to file for my reentry permit since our bad experience at Detroit Immigration.

We are continuing to make our plans for the rest of the trip, in the meantime seeing as many friends and family as possible. Fiona will be coming today from NYC and she will be taking the Bieber Bus service, it’s real close to us in Wescosville.

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3 responses to “Play Time

  1. michele

    Cynthia and Michael, Thank you for sharing! Just crazy the news out of Japan and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. We’ll just have to wait and see how much of the Pacific is contaminated and how quickly the radioactivity is diluted. The boys look great in white. Also, they always appear to be studying something, very good sign. And, the woman and girls? Is that Michael’s sister and her girls? I’m out of the loop, fill me in!! Wish we were there to overlap with you. You are welcome to make your next stop Switzerland!! No radiation here … yet! Love michele

  2. michele

    Happy 9 months old today!! Great job, they look healthy and happy!!

  3. Michael

    Thanks for the comments Michelle. The person in the pics I think you are referring to is my mom! She looks young right 🙂

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