Living with 9 month olds

It’s been almost a month since we left Shanghai, we’ve covered PA, DC and now finally settled in NC. Weather was beautiful since last Friday, we stayed at Residence Inn near Nora and Joe, Nora took Friday and Monday off to help us move into our apartment, we really enjoyed the time over the weekend with her. The 6 hour train ride was not easy, babies were sick so they weren’t sleeping well. On the train, they still got a lot of attention so at least we weren’t bored. I was happy to see Nora, it’s been 5 months since we saw them in Shanghai, she got the car seats for the babies but they didn’t do well, they just don’t like being away from us…even in the car seats! The hotel was fine, they upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite which was great. On Monday we moved into the Park in Cary, it’s a 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished and the office gave us two pack-n-plays, we were really happy about that. Michael and I walk to Whole Foods, so Lin and Li don’t have to spend too much time in the car.  Nora also took me to DMV so I got my driver’s license renewed! She took us to Dim Sum House and we tried Able’s Bar and Grill, and Taipei Cafe, we were pleasantly surprised how good these new Chinese restaurants are!

They had fever, Lin had diarrhea so the past week has been tough, they also wake up at night from having runny nose. I haven’t been able to write down the details of their development. By 9 months (April 2nd) both of them were able to move between a crawling position and sitting position, they also babble a lot,  mostly “dada”, “gaga”, “kaka” and sometimes “mama”. They seem to be very much clinging, sometimes they see me and cry because they want milk or want us to hold them. Wherever they go, they get so much attention, at 9 months, they each weigh 23lbs, very big and healthy. Actually, almost anyone who sees them say they are big and healthy, cute, attractive. I guess the breast milk is working. They also love to stare at strangers then smile, but if we pass them to strangers they cry. They also have great appetite, sometimes too good, Li has vomited twice, both times I was giving him too much food. The first time was at the train station at Shanghai Hongqiao, I fed him, gave him solid food, a toothiepeg then milk again at each hour, well he threw up everything, at the station then on the train, it was really really messy. Second time was at Sharon and Gary’s, probably too much food again and he threw up 4 or 5 times, nasty too. So we are more careful now not to give them too much food. I am still mixing raw green vegetables and rice cereal and multi-grain cereal. When they are sick, I feed them more often, between 5~7 times a day.  

It is getting easier now that the boys will play with each other a bit, so we don’t have to hold them at all times, however, recently they have been trying to get outside of their play area and have made couple of “prison breaks”, they also have tried to hold onto the couch and stand up but we encourage them to crawl since it’s good for them. There’s definitely more communication going on, I noticed once they started their 10th month, they look at us when we speak to them, they try to mimic what we do, like clapping hands, and they have shown interests in whatever we use – plates, tissue, cell phone, computer, etc. And they would try to grab each other’s toys, even if there’s an identical one right in front of their eyes!


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