Friends in NC

It’s been a very busy few days, yesterday we went to visit Dr. Gil and as always, had a great time talking to him.  He checked the boys and said they are healthy and strong, then in the evening, Guanglin stopped by and dropped off the wok. She and Wang Laoshi came over the day before to see the boys, it was really helpful that she is lending me the wok – can’t live without one! Last night David and Johanna came over and played with the boys, Johanna was so good with the boys she actually had them sit like little students and occupied them with a little cup for quite a while! They took us to Tom Yum Thai for dinner, was so great. Today Kathy came over at lunch time, she brought home-made sugar free walnut bread, so healthy and tasty. Preston came over in the evening and we went to 35, food there was better than ever, we were really happy about that. Oh how wonderful it is to see our friends in NC, also seeing them makes our life a bit easier since Lin and Li are so entertained!

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