Happy Birthday Michael

Michael and I are not big on birthdays, however, we still got a lot of birthday cards and money in PA…I asked him what he wants to do on his birthday, he’s fine with have people over, but he was not happy when I brought up the idea of cake. Ellen drove up from Florida and he bought lots of toys for the boys and books, she offered many great tips and advice as an early intervention specialist, and it was encouraging to hear from her that the boys are doing really well. We had lunch at Lucky 32 in Cary with Jason and Leslie, with their adorable twins Miles and Vivienne. Babies are definitely interested in other babies, it was a lot of fun to see four happy babies hanging out.

In the afternoon, David called from his bathroom and told us there’s a tornado in Holly Springs where he is at, and it was hailing. There was a tornado on the ground and it was heading our way. Shortly after, the storm arrived and it was very windy and then it hailed, so Michael and I moved the babies to the bathroom, we had the phone and the computer with us so we can have WRAL on real time tracking where the tornado was. I can’t believe it because last year there was one in the same area although this time it’s much more powerful. Ellen was shopping so she came back until we know the storm moved away. Today when we were watching the news it was pretty tragic, 22 people died and parts of Raleigh got hit hard. It was actually fairly close to where we are.

Our friends still showed up, Nora and Joe had to pulled over at one point because the rain was so heavy. We had a great time, I just bought some food from Whole Foods, all healthy – vegetables, fruits, chicken salad and pre-made food tray like samosa, meatballs, sausages and salads. Michael also spoke to Gary, Sharon, Maddie and Anna, we talked to David and Johanna till 2:30am. It was indeed really nice to see our friends. I also can’t believe last year when I set up the birthday dinner, it was pretty much the same crowd!!!

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