Loving the 9~10 months

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It is such a fun stage when babies are 9 to 10 months old, I wish I could write down exactly how I feel but it’s very hard. Lin and Li have been talking “baba” for quite a while but in the past one week they have been saying “mama” a lot. If I leave the play area they would be upset and sometimes crawl after me, and crying “mama”. I am not sure if they know what it means but I sometimes feel they know. They are so cute also because now they can climb over the pillows we use to block them from escaping the play area. They love to explore every little thing, going after almost everything they are not supposed to touch. Both boys now are kneeling, which is quite interesting. They have no trouble switching between crawling and sitting but now they really try to stand, hanging onto the edge of the couch and kneeing, sometimes trying to stand. Its so  much fun to watch them, they laugh when you smile at them, Li now has 8 teeth, and Lin’s 3rd and 4th teeth came out on the bottom as well. They also start banging their heads on everything, falling with their feet up in the air. They are very active, always exploring, studying and learning to use their hands on everything, including hitting and scratching each other’s face.

We’ve been giving them water bottles for a while now that they can hold the water bottle with one hand and use the straw to get water on their own, they sometimes drink too much water, and today I have such a hard time with the engorgement, Michael did some research and found out the cause, the boys were drinking too much water in the car, even though they were quiet in the car they didn’t drink enough milk so I woke up with a sore nipple and an engorged breast, it took almost all day to relieve the pain by trying everything possible to get the blocked milk duct working again.


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  1. michele

    Ouch, I have had that happen and my sister too, to the point she had an infection and had to have antibiotics. (Mastitis) I just massaged it a lot and took several warm water showers while massaging it. Not fun.

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