Are twins really connected???…Maybe YES

This happened yesterday, Lin and Li now are so active so they both got bruises on their forehead. Lin got his first one when his face fell flat on the stacker, it probably really hurt so he cried really hard. Michael picked him up and a few minutes later Li started crying, sothen we had Lin back to his happy mood but Li was so upset that he didn’t nurse! My breast was still hurting from the engorgement and my nipple had a crack but it really worried us that as soon as we put Li on, he turned his head and refused to nurse with a hard-to-stop cry. Michael picked him up couple of times, calmed him down and again he cried at my breast!

We went out with Elissa, Herb and Nora for lunch, boys were good and finally at 3:30pm, Li didn’t turn down the milk! Michael and I finally felt relieved because the previous feeding was at 7:30am, this had never happened before and Elissa thought Li was too upset because of his brother got hurt…I can’t believe it, and I really can’t think of any other reason. Any idea out there?


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