Sleep…Michael has figured it out

Michael has done this couple of nights in a row, we are back on our routine!

This is what we did always to soothe Lin and Li to sleep. We liked the co-sleeping, babies were always held, rocked and soothed to sleep before they hit the bed. Being on the road, we faced challenges because the bed usually isn’t big enough for four of us but most of the time they had no trouble sleeping in a crib or pack-n-play. Co-sleeping has always worked for us, especially with the benefit that they wake up and see us and smile.

We’ve had a lot of visitors since we arrived in NC. Lin and Li weren’t as good as they were when it comes to bed time. They were having a cold, jetlag and a lot of stimulations with guests. One night, Lin didn’t go to sleep until 1:30am (which was record) so Michael tried to take them to the bedroom at 8pm, turning off the light but leave the door a bit open then it’s not completely dark, singing, rocking and it’s pretty amazing, both boys seem to go to sleep around 8:30 now. I also try to feed them around 5pm, then wake them up for the last feeding at 10:30 or 11pm. We also find putting them in two separate rooms helped a great deal. This is huge since we are getting sleep again!


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