Happy 10 months old, Lin and Li!

What a great gift from John Rash on this special day, his photo of me and Li “Mother’s Love” was selected as the photo of the week May 2~8, 2011 by North Carolina National Public Radio, for mother’s day!

It was a lovely day, we gave the boys a herbal bath with chamomile blossoms, calendula flower petals, lemon balm and powdered buttermilk. We got the package from the farmer’s market and it has a muslin bag for refills. Michael felt really sleepy in the end but the boys were so excited in the water. We took some nice pictures on the lawn in the apartment complex and took a walk around the lake. And we actually had lunch at Golden Coral, not very healthy but the boys had a lot of fun playing with their food 🙂

They weigh now 23lbs each, and are still picking up new skills everyday. I love just watching them, their smiles can just melt your heart in seconds. Also at this age, they are able to play with themselves for a while, which also means a lot of bruises and bumps from time to time. With twins, they are always together, even if you place them apart in the room, they would end up right on each other, so cute.

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