The Fun 10 Month Old

Since the babies were born, Michael and I both felt that we got ourselves into a lot of work, more work than going to work for sure. Even though everyone tells us the babies are so adorable, there were moments that we felt when it was going to end. Babies, from what I understand, all have moments when they are fussy and difficult to deal with. Along the way, we have learned a great deal how to make our  lives a bit easier. Now our boys are able to stand, crawl everywhere, we are embracing the precious few weeks or months before we have to get ourselves into chasing them around when they are ready to walk. I have to say though, when they turned 10 months, it was the first time that I truly feel that connection. It is the time now, that our babies are able to communicate with us in their own ways.

So it seems like all the hard work is paying off now. They can express their feelings by so many more means, crawling to you, smiling at you, crying at you when they are hungry, and a lot of body languages to let you know they want to be held. They also spend a great deal of time playing with their toys or anything they can get their hands on, such us the wheels of the pack ‘n play, computer plug and wire, food, diaper, just to name a few. For at least two months, they know the second I pull out the teething biscuits, but now they know that they can scream to express their excitement. They are also getting into the messy stage, since they learned to get their food from the table pitching their index fingers and thumbs.

They weigh 23 lbs each at 10 months (May 2nd), and their appetite is increasing quickly. I still breastfeed them 5 times a day. Their nap schedule has changed a bit, they now get sleepy about 3 hours from the feeding, and they don’t nap as long. We used to let them go to sleep whenever they can until one night, Lin was full of energy till 1:30 in the morning, that’s when Michael decided to soothe them to bed at 8:30pm and it worked great. They do now take turns and wake up again in the middle of the night, around 3 or 4, maybe it’s due to the teething, we don’t know but at least they usually don’t wake up each other. They each have 8 beautiful teeth (thanks to the good habit of feeding them water after each feeding), and looks like Li’s got more coming soon.

At 10 months, Lin and Li are constantly on their goal of looking for new things and learning about them, they would spend a lot of time staring at the grass, a toy or anything they have never seen. The other interesting thing we found out was that they always are together, even if you put them on the opposite ends of the room, they would end up back to back. It is wonderful to see them actually playing real nicely with each other, they can share the GoCrib we got for them, standing, falling, sitting but somehow not hurting each other. I think they are good brothers already!


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