Boys are crazy eaters, and poopers

I haven’t written much about what we feed the boys. Well, they didn’t get anything else but breast milk for the first 6 months of their lives. At 7th month, we slowly introduced raw green vegetables, and eggs. However, their appetite obviously increase greatly after they turned 10 months. I used to feed them once a day but staring from yesterday we started feeding them three times a day. Take yesterday for example, in the morning they had pureed cooked petite green peas and green beans with multi-grain cereal (about 4 tablespoons each), some bread and crackers for us to eat our breakfast peacefully at IHOP. For lunch, I baked a whole sweet potato (for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees, that seems to be the perfect timing for a well cooked sweet potato that doesn’t need to be mashed), they also shared a kiwi. For dinner, I juiced wheatgrass and mixed in multi-grain cereal as well. On top of that, I am feeding them more often, it used to be 5 times a day, now it’s more like 6 to 7 times a day and I am okay with the on-demand feeding schedule. They also take in more water now, as a result they poop usually once after the first feeding, Michael takes them for a bath right after that which the boys absolutely love. Then around lunch time, they go for their 2nd round of poop, sometimes the 3rd! Our diaper consumption actually went up lately, which motivates us to put them on potty again. Boys were doing great before we left China but now they have to get used to the potty again!

Today I am going to feed them baby spinach mixed with cereal in the morning after they wake up from their nap, then sweet potato and blue berry puree, steamed egg for lunch, maybe finish off with wheatgrass cereal and a kiwi in early evening. So far, they have not rejected ANY food yet which is really encouraging, but we don’t really know what they like or dislike for that same reason, which is a good thing. I think it’s probably because we have never offered them any salt or sugar, including juice since there’s no fiber that goes with it, we believe they get more than enough sugar from the natural organic foods.  This should help them to choose healthier foods when they are able to make that decision for themselves.

Since they love eating, we haven’t had any trouble taking them to the restaurants, lately we didn’t even need toys to entertain them, a few pieces of tiny crackers seem to keep them busy all the time. When Sharon and Gary were in town, we went to the German restaurant, the waiter sat us right next to a table, the elderly couple were celebrating her 67th birthday, the guy came over when they were done eating and said the boys were so good, they were worried at first that we would ruin their dinner. We get th also tat a lot, both in the US and China, and people tell us how beautiful the boys are all the time, I am getting a bit spoiled by that and it motivates us to continue doing our best for the boys, food, care and anything they need.  They are heavy but solid and health, thanks to the good foods that our planet earth provides.


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  1. michele

    You’re doing a great job with your homemade offerings. The pureeing isn’t always easy, I often carried around a little plastic tupperware of broccoli, etc, in my purse!! when they were young. The sweet potato was also a hit for us. I sliced it and put it in a pot with water and olive oil then tossed a few bio bread crumbs over it and cooked it for about 15 minutes with lid. Initially I pureed this but later I could give them bites of it. Also, here in Switzerland they say don’t give a baby kiwi until it is one year old due to allergies, particularly skin allergies. And, the feeding schedule they give is: breakfast, morning snack(bread or fruits), lunch, afternoon snack(often fruit or plain yoghurt) and dinner.

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