Herbal Remedies for Infants & Children – Colds, Congestion & Coughs

Herb: Thyme. Remedy: Make an infusion with 1 level tsp herb to 1 cup of water. Give 1~2 cups a day.

An infusion is the simplest way to prepare the more delicate aerial parts of plants, especially leaves and flowers, for use as a medicine or as a revitalizing or relaxing drink. It is made in a similar way to tea, using either a single herb or a combination of herbs, and may be drunk hot or cold.

1. Place the herb in the strainer of the tisane cup and place the strainer int he cup. Fill the cup with freshly boiled water.

2. Cover the cup with the lid and infuse for 5~10 minutes before removing the tisane strainer. Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten, if desired.

Standard Quantity

CUP 1 tsp (2~3g) dried or 2 tsp (4~6g) fresh herb (or mixture of herbs) to a cup of water (this makes 1 dose).

POT 20g dried herb or 30g fresh herb (or a mixture of different herbs) to 2 cups (500ml) of water.

Standard Dosage

Take 3~4 doses (2 cup/500ml) each day.


Store in a covered jug in a refrigerator or cool place for up to 24 hours.

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