Mother’s Day Weekend

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It was very special to have Sharon and Gary visiting us during my first Mother’s Day weekend. We had a great time, weather was beautiful and there’s not a thing I could complain out. We started with a great dinner at Bavarian Brathous in Cary, and Saturday we had lunch at Dim Sum house and we also shopped at Carter’s outlet in Morrisville, there were some real good deals, I also had a 20% coupon on top of all the discounts they offered. So Sharon and I were a bit carried away but we got so many clothes for the boys and some for Maddie and Anna. We also enjoyed the dinner very much at Ruth Chris, they had a Mother’s Day special which is a great deal for Ruth Chris’ delicious petite fillet, boys were super good there for 2 hours, I am so proud of them and hope they will continue to behave in the future.

We also visited North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Lin and Li loved the fish tank and we were lucky enough to witness a two-claw sloth climbing up the tree, they only get on the ground to poop and the rest of the time, they sleep atop the tree and doesn’t move a bit. I saw one in Costa Rica, a three-claw, hanging off the fence on the highway, that was a rare sighting, but this one is just as good! They move so slowly it’s incredible.

Since Sharon and Gary like walking, we walked around the lake behind our apartment complex, it connects to the lake in Lochmere. We were sad that we didn’t see any baby swan, last time there were four, I wonder what happened to them 😦 We also took Sharon and Gary to Lake Johnson for a 2.5-mile walk, surprisingly I felt really good after the walk, with a baby in the carrier it’s not too easy but I did it when I was 26 weeks pregnant as well. The boys fully enjoyed the nature, so much that they felt asleep pretty much throughout the walk. They sleep really well while Me-Me and Pop-Pop were in town but started to wake up a lot from the night Sharon left, maybe they really know even though they can’t communicate to us?

While the grandparents were in town, we met Zhenyan and her husband Ken for the first time, along with their twin boys, they were so nice to give us some winter coats and other clothing. It was fun to see two sets of twin boys together! Zhenyan is from Shanghai, we started emailed each other without knowing that we lived only a few blocks from each other, and we both went to Dr. V, and we both had C-sections and ended up with a retained placenta. She helped a lot with encouraging emails when I struggled for milk right after the birth, I was devastated not having milk, not knowing it was caused by retained placenta. It was great to see them finally but they are moving to Jersey this week. Maybe we will see them someday in Shanghai.

Monday morning we ate at Barry’s, food was excellent and I am glad that Barry told us that he and Denise thought it was the best decision that they home schooled their daughter, who’s got the full scholarship to go to Davidson with her exceptional academic performance. It is encouraging since that’s what we plan on doing as well. I was sad to see Gary and Sharon leave, I know it must be hard for them to accept our way of living in different places but we are so happy that they wish us good luck in finding the place for ourselves and we really believe in a few years, our family, friends and loved ones will understand why we are flying around and searching for a place to settle down and they will, like us, enjoy the benefit of pursuing things that not quite mainstream.

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