Boys are on wheels now

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For about a week, Lin and Li didn’t sleep well at all so last night we put them in separate rooms again, Lin did fine but Li still woke up couple of times. We suspect that maybe we were feeding them too much food so we cut back on the amount of food we gave them, although it could be from teething. And since they are older now, they definitely seem more needy, during the day if we step away they cry, at night they wake up and want to be held. Michael and I decided that we need to have them understand that they need to learn to soothe themselves as well.

Today I also played the hide and seek with Lin, I would hide behind the bed, and he would come crawling, and look for me, then I jumped on the bed and rolled over to the other side, Lin actually crawled around and looked for me. It was real fun for him, and me!


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