11 months old today

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Lin and Li weight 23.6 lbs each this morning, I can’t believe they are almost a year old, it just seems like yesterday that they were born. They’ve changed so much in the past month, they are definitely more active, they crawl real fast now, I am hoping that they would crawl for a few more months before they walk. I know some babies skip crawling but crawling is very good for their development and babies crawl a lot tend to walk later. Yesterday we put them on the stroller for the first time, we’ve been using our Ergo carriers since they were born and we absolutely love them but now they are getting a bit heavy so stroller ride was good. Michael, my aunt and I took them out for breakfast and then my aunt and I went to the park with the stroller again, it’s nice to be able to put a lot of stuff in it, but I wouldn’t want to take them to subway, etc. unless Michael is with me, it’s just too heavy. Lin had no problem laying down and falling asleep in the stroller, Li fussed quite a bit and would not lay down he would just sit up and lean forward all the time, eventually he did go to sleep also.

Now that they know how to pick up things and use their hands for more fun, Lin also started hitting (really slapping) our faces and scratches his brother’s. Li doesn’t do that and he doesn’t fight back, he just cries. We said no and be stern with Lin but he thought it’s amusing and laughs at us when we do that, so every time he hits or scratches Li’s face after we warn him, we put him in the GoCrib for a timeout. He does NOT like that at all and would scream and cry, we usually keep him in the GoCrib for 5 minutes, so far it doesn’t seem to work either. I would guess this is common for 11 months old but I am not sure what else we can do to stop him from hitting.

Today we took the boys to the club house at City Castle, they really loved the play room, there’s plenty of space for them to crawl around, and we also tried the slide, with the babies on our lap, they really love playing.

I now feed them solid food three times a day, in the morning, it’s multi grain porridge, I usually put peanut, purple rice, millet, corn, brown rice, sweet rice and quinoa in the pot, them use a blender to make a smoothie with a banana. For lunch, one apple, blueberries, and a banana. For dinner, usually its raw green leafy vegetables (bok choy, spinach, etc.), carrot, and ginger water. We also give them multi-grain rye if we go out and eat. They seem to be happy with the food but they do start acting out a bit at the restaurants now, however, as long as we have enough food, we can still get them under control. They still love nursing, I still nurse them about 5 times a day.

It seems that they’ve recovered from the jet lag, which is great. We noticed that more teeth are coming in, they each have 8 since 7th month, that could be the reason now they wake up 1~3 times at night, although usually it only takes a few minutes of rocking to soothe them back to sleep. We are using the GoCrib and one pack-n-play in each bedroom but usually we put them in our bed when they wake up. Michael and I have to sleep in different rooms now because they wake each other up now 😦



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2 responses to “11 months old today

  1. michele

    Good job with your first case of disciplining! They say the same thing over here. Tell the child sternly, “no” and then ignore it for a minute or two after that. Children at this age absolutely don’t like being ignored but it does seem to help them learn quickly.

    And, by the way, it is amazing all the traveling those little boys have done! They will end up with a wide perception of the world we live in!!

  2. Carter Hubbard

    Hi Cynthia,

    So glad I finally made some time to check out your blog – fantastic photos and I realized that I don’t think I ever saw Michael without sunglasses! ; ) I tried emailing you, though it bounced back. I have a bit more to say….can you email me?!

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