Shanghai Zoo

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I went to Shanghai Zoo when I was little, and memories of seeing the panda, elephant, tiger, lion is still so vivid. It’s an amazing feeling to take Michael and the kids back to the zoo now. We took Line 10 to the zoo directly which was fantastic, now with the stroller it’s much easier with our back, especially that for the most part, we do not need to lift the stroller. The elevator at Exit 4 of Line 10 at Hongqiao Lu will soon open as soon as the mall opens so it will be even more convenient.

The ticket costs 40 RMB ($6), and we got up early, left home around 6:40am, and arrived around 7am. Shanghai Zoo is more like a public park in the early mornings, since the park is filled with elderly, they can purchase a monthly pass for a very good price and it’s great fun for us to do some people watching, dancing, singing, kongfu fighting. The first half an hour we were really wondering where the animals were. It’s indeed great to get there early since the weather was getting bloody hot already, the early hours of the day seemed especially cool and nice, also the animals came outside, we saw three pandas eating bamboo shoots, tigers taking a morning nap, tigers walking and most impressive, the polar bear was out as well. It was great fun to take the kids on the beautiful property walking, they loved the outside, although they were bitten by mosquitoes and somehow they had a very bad reaction to it, both of them developed huge red bumps on their faces and I wish we had some insect repellent with us!

Lin, for the second time, got scared when he saw the pigs up-close, same with the goats, he cried immediately as soon as we walked up to the pigs. The first time was at the Museum of Life and Science, also with pigs. Li, on the other hand, was cool with everything. It was so cute though to catch the moment of two faces with the animals. Overall, it was a very fun day, we got home around 10:30, and still didn’t feel too hot.


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