Michael’s first experience in hospital in China

Michael was so sick this past weekend…Sunday at 2am he started vomiting and it got worse over the day. I went to City Shop and got a few bottles of Gatorade and tried to give him water but he just threw up everything he took in. We called World Link Parkway Health, it’s a health care system for expats. I was shocked to learn that they charge $120 to $300 just to have an appointment with a family doctor. By 7:45am, he started having diarrhea. By 11am, he was experiencing severe headaches so bad that he’s on the floor, so we ended up going to the PLA Military Hospital few steps away from our apartment. I was concerned because he’s obviously very dehydrated at that point.

It was the lantern festival weekend so we were happy to find there’s no line in the hospital. I registered him and right away he was able to see the doctor, after a few testing including the blood test, he was diagnosed with acute bacterial gastroenteritis, which is an infection with the stomach and intestines. An hour later, he was given IV that contains antibiotics, and after the first bag, he looked so much better already. I went home, fed the babies, ate lunch and went back to the hospital. I don’t know what we would have done without my aunt, since she stayed home and watched Lin and Li. Since there’s so much concerns over plastic bottles these days, mainly due to the Taiwanese toxic plasticizer contamination scandal, and all the addictive that’s found in the foods and drinks, I asked the doctor if I can give Michael anything to replace the minerals and fluid he has lost due to the infection. She gave me these dirt cheap mineral packets to mix in the water so I returned all the Gatorade. I also asked the doctor to give him an extra set of IV (without the antibiotics) for Monday just to make sure that he’s hydrated.

He slept some when he got home, the diarrhea and vomiting stopped since the IV, all day he didn’t want to eat anything, his body just need to rest and get replenished with fluid. On Monday, I made Michael blended multi-grain porridge, since he ate the same thing Lin and Li did, he’s a big baby now 🙂 For lunch, I made lentil soup with garlic, red onion, ginger, and tea from the cinnamon we brought back from Villa Vanilla in Costa Rica. He loved it…and by the end of the day he was able to eat dinner with us. Our Ayi came back, so she picked up the cooking and cleaning, we were so happy to see her and I am glad that she didn’t go to other places for work and waited for us.

It was a bit scary to see him in such pain until we knew that it was an infection caused by bacteria not virus after the blood test result came out. The doctor said it could be from the food or it could be from the cold. Since Michael ate his last bit of Cold Stone Ice cream Friday night, and Saturday night, he was sleeping in the living room with Lin, the air-conditioning was blowing on him, we thought that was more a probably cause. I guess that will be the end of the ice cream for him, since a few months ago, he also got sick from eating Cold Stone, not so serious of course.

Looking back, I am glad that we made the right choice, if we were going to Parkway Health, we might be looking at spending 1000 USD, including the taxi rides back and forth, not sure if Michael would have made it to the hospital without puking. The best part of the PLA No. 455 Hospital was our total without insurance hospital bill was 55 USD, 45 of it was the shot of antibiotics, $1.5 to see the doctor and rest was for the IV fluid, and the vitamins they mix in, and testings. The most important thing is that he’s doing really well today, eating everything that we are eating. Recently I’ve been reading some books and I find myself on a new quest for searching reliable dietary information again. We should really take it more seriously and cut back the times we go out to eat.


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  1. michele

    Scary to be hospitalized in that condition! So glad to have Cynthia as a translator. Not sure if I, or another non-chinese speaker, would get off so well! Glad you could help Michael get back on his feet;)

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