Food Allergy: Scrambled Eggs

Yesterday morning, Michael and I went to Crown Plaza hotel near our apartment since they open pretty early. The hotel has a really nice International Buffet but as a five star hotel, the price tag is pretty high. They do have high chairs and we ended up ordering scrambled eggs, with bacon/sausage and hash browns. Not so healthy but it’s still affordable compared with other items on the menu such as a $7 juice.

Everything was fine until we finished feeding the babies their routine breakfast, they were a bit fussy so we gave them a few small pieces of scrambled egg. They dug in as usual using their hands and within minutes, we noticed that Li’s chin turned red, but with Lin, not only it’s red, there were bumps that looked like mosquito bites showing up quickly wherever he touches his face, first it was around the mouth, then his cheeks, then his ears, then his eyes since he was rubbing vigorously – apparently he felt really itchy. Soon we realized whatever he just ate was giving him big time trouble. I got really worried and Michael wiped clean his hands. And he cried and struggled probably from the itchiness, Michael had to take him out of the stroller and put him in the carrier. He fussed and fussed and eventually went to sleep, we kept on walking all the way to Red Town and thankfully by the time he woke up it was an hour later and the allergic reaction was gone by then.

It was indeed a scary situation because we weren’t sure if it was going to get worse or better. We think it might be the egg, but it’s possible that it was from the butter (dairy). But we do not that we need to keep them strictly away from eggs now. They’ve had them before and had some minor problem, like rashes possibly from eggs. This time, Lin’s bottom turned really red for a day so we are pretty sure it was from the scrambled egg (probably egg white) because everything else they had was very routine. I can’t believe no matter how careful we are with handling food, this could happen! And we almost never give them anything we eat because of the salt content. With babies, just can’t be too careful!


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