Big Milestones: Cruising, Standing and Walking

It’s been raining a lot lately, and I am talking about a lot of heavy rain. Today FINALLY we had sun and it feels good, since I am usually not in a great mood when it rains, I’ve been lazy writing the blogs, but within a week or so, the boys are not only standing, but WALKING!!!

The past week was also a week filled with concerns and questions. After Lin had a serious allergic reaction to the scrambled eggs, we’ve been really careful with the food we gave them. I thought it was the egg white but Lin continues to have bad diaper rashes, then Li had it too, they also had running poop, so Michael and I finally figured out that it was the bread that we gave them, they love bread and we usually shop at City Shop, they make this particular bread we like without egg or dairy products. However, at other bread shops, we found out even though they look identical, there was milk in there. I’ve been cutting back the amount of food and type of food I gave them, since originally I thought it could be the Muer Greens (a type of green vegetable that tastes like spinach but with richer texture) that caused the diaper rash since the “scrambled egg” reaction just didn’t seem to go away. So in the past three days, only porridge in the morning and watermelon juice with cereal for lunch then only carrots and eggplant for dinner. Until we figured out it might be the bread, their condition started to improve, Michael skipped bread one night on Lin and he had noticeable improvement. Now we think it was probably the butter in the scrambled egg that they were allergic to, not the egg. After we stopped giving them the bread, they got much better, this morning both of them had solid poop and their bottom looked fine again.

We also had an accident, one morning we went to the Chinese breakfast chain called New Asia Big Buns (新亚大包), they have a good variety of traditional Chinese breakfast items, noodles, shengjian (fried buns), wontons. We sat Lin in the high chair since they only had one, and Li was in the stroller, the waitress brought over the tray with two bowls of wonton, boiling hot. Before I realize, she put the tray right in front of Lin, and I screamed “no” even before the tray touched the table, but it was too late, Lin reached out this hand to one bowl and grabbed it, the waitress tried to take it away but then the bowl tipped and the more soup got on Lin’s right hand, he screamed right away, and I took him out and rushed him to the kitchen and ran cold water on his hand, then they gave us some ice. He cried basically the next hour, until we got home and put the calendular cream on his hand. People sometimes don’t really think, but in this case, the waitress was absolutely absent-minded and had no common sense, I guess we are not going back here any more since we were so upset. I just don’t think she would do the same thing if it were her own child.

Lin eventually had two blisters between his ring finger and middle finger, when the blisters popped, he cried a lot again, I also used the tea tree oil on the would to prevent infection, he’s recovering well but I am not sure if he learns from this lesson, he’s probably still too young to understand.

There are still very exciting moments! Only about a week ago, we noticed the boys could stand for a few seconds without support, then a few days later, they could take a step or two, yesterday, both of them were walking! Lin made a circle in about 6 or 7 steps, and he was really excited about his progress and clapped his hands and laughed, it was so cute. We got new flooring on taobao and we expanded their play area to 9 square meters, about 100 square feet now. They love crawling, and walking along the couch, and we are more comfortable with the setting as well. Lin was even crawling onto the couch by stepping on one of the cushions last night!


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