Happy Birthday Lin and Li!

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Happy birthday boys, we made it! The first year has been so much fun and work with you but we don’t regret a bit. Yesterday you guys had such a blast at Mote Image and you fell asleep at 6pm! This morning you both woke up at 6am without waking up all night. Even though Mommy and Daddy decided that you can skip a birthday party or the cake, you have the most precious gift of memory to play back when you become older. Both of you are walking, talking and laughing, I really wish we could keep all these memory fresh but that’s not how things work, we just all have to enjoy the moments now. It’s amazing what you are capable of doing already, and how many teeth you’ve got (Lin, you have 8 molars coming through the gum already and Li, you have 4!) Everywhere we take you to, people stop and stare at you with smiles, you are really adorable and it’s not because Mommy thinks you are! I am glad that you will have each other as best friends for life, at least that’s mommy and daddy’s goal and we want you to continue to grow up healthy and happy.

The past year has been such a busy year, we flew with you to Shanghai when you were just under 2 months old (in late August), and we visited Lin’an in September, Xiamen during Christmas, then Phuket during Chinese New Year, unfortunately we had to go back to the US in a rush after the tsunami in March but you were all happy seeing Sharon, Gary, Matt, Colleen and your cousins Maddie and Anna, you also got to meet your great grandparents Rose and Steve, the list goes on, Ellen came from Florida to see you, the Reohrs came from Auburn, and many other friends in North Carolina, Aunt Nora came and helped many times with Uncle Joe, David and Johanna came often to spend time and give you classes, Welkin always stopped by and made us food, the list went on and on…you guys were so lucky to have so many people who love you!

Daddy will start working remotely tomorrow, after we deal with the road blocks, we will start our new life in New Zealand, we look forward to the new adventure with you, not sure what’s waiting for us but life is exciting with you anyway! May the next year filled with peace and love.

You are the best thing in our lives…

With all of our love,
Mommy and Daddy

P.S. Laurie, Me-me, Michele and Grandma & Grandpa sent their love and birthday wishes as well.


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