The Fun One-Year-Olds

The fist year flew by so fast, Michael and I were looking at Lin and Li’s pictures last night and were amazed by how much they’ve changed!

Its great that the boys have their routine, a normal day at age of 1 goes like this:
5am: waking up with a full diaper and get their first feeding of the day.

7am: taking a walk with mummy and daddy, pointing at things and meeting elderly who smile and always try to touch them, also watching puppies who are also on the morning walk.

8am: breakfast, usually mixed and blended fruits, normally 4 or 5 from blueberries, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, kiwi…depending on the season we are in.

9am: seconding feeding.

10am: one hour nap.

12pm: third feeding.

1pm: lunch, usually pumpkin porridge with a variety of grains (brown rice, black rice, sunflower seeds, etc.), blended.

2pm: 1/2 hour nap

4pm: fourth feeding

5pm: bath

6pm: dinner, usually veggies: green leaves, carrots.

7pm: fifth and last feeding, then right to sleep

In between food and naps, the boys play for most of the time, they become very attached to people now, usually my aunt or ayi stay with them in the play area, they love new things, anything! And every hour, they want to be held since they are tired. They also have amazing appetite, it is very rare that they turn their heads to food, (when I add in raw garlic for example), usually they scream when we are not feeding them fast enough.

We’ve been very lucky that neither of the boys woke up at night much, we believe their appetite and plenty of sleep contributed to their weight, which was 25.5lbs each when they turned one. Their height is about average, well neither of us is tall. They also started walking at 11.5 months, much earlier than we expected, after a month of practice, they are very good at it already even though sometimes they trip. Everyone says when they are walking it’s the hardest, because you have to hold them and prevent them from falling. Well, we bought some mat, and used the gates to create the play area, so they boys can fall and trip all they want but not getting hurt, it has worked really well for us since we rarely hold them when they walk!

Their favorite things are definitely remote controls, glasses (I have to get a new pair and I bought some sunglasses just for them to play), toys in each other’s hand and basically anything that they are not supposed to touch. I am very very happy that they play with each other nicely. A few weeks ago, Lin would slap our faces, hit Li, and Li does that to his brother sometimes as well, but they’ve learned to grab things and turn and run away from each other, it’s really fun to watch.

We take the boys to YuKids Island, a play center for toddlers, the boys spent 3 hours in there and they were walking and crawling all that time. We also take them to the City Castle play room every weekend, sometimes we swim with them. They love playing and they are so active. They are talking in their own language now, a lot of loud “da-da-da-da” and making faces, they also love the piggy noise. I just can’t wait to be able to talk to them!


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