Li’s fever

The boys don’t get sick often so we’ve been spoiled with good night sleep until last Sunday. Since we came back in May, they had no cold or any health problem but Li started having running nose on Saturday, and Sunday when the typhoon came into town, he started having a fever. Lin also started having running nose but he seems to get over it in only a few hours.

So Li was having a pretty high fever during the past two nights, I slept with him in the living room, every time he woke up he screamed and cried I think he was very uncomfortable from the fever. I measured his temperature, highest was above 102, and sometimes it went down to 99. I tried to keep the air-conditioning off but occasionally turned it on to cool off the temperature in the room. For two nights, he would wake up every hour, and slept for no more than 2 hours, it was pretty tiring waking up with him, of course I couldn’t soothe him with breast every time. Holding him didn’t work either, so I dipped my finger in a bowl of water and rub the water on his forehead to cool off his head, that seemed to be a relief for him, then I just held him and rocked him to sleep. The night before last night, he even was interested in playing for half an hour around 2am before fussing again, last night he did the same thing at 3am, but it only lasted for 15 minutes before he started yawning.

The long sleepless nights were tough, but these are the moments I truly feel my responsibility as a parent, thankfully we still have an ayi who comes 8 hours a day, so I was able to take two 2-hr long naps, one in the morning and one in the evening. The boys just went to bed, they still set their sleep time at 7pm, easiest time to put them to sleep, all it takes is some breast milk 🙂 Michael said they are pretty lucky guys, they can have breast anytime, anywhere when they want them. I was thinking how easily the breastfeeding could have been sabotaged by Dr. V, but it was the best thing we did to hold out for 10 days until we forced my body to produce milk even with a retained placenta. After 13 months of exclusive breastfeeding, we continue to learn about the benefits of this gift from nature, it was the best thing we chose to do for the boys.

I love watching my boys, they are trying to talk now, and they point their fingers at everything and tried to grab them, they press the button in the elevator, and once Lin pressed the alarm, Li was able to operate the copy machine today and before I realized, a page came out! They are amazing kids, or I should say, toddlers are amazing, they are curious about everything, and I am glad we are with them 24/7 to observe and facilitate the environment for them to explore the world.

Li went to sleep today without a fever, hopefully he will get a good night sleep, so I can sleep well too! By not sending them to the hospital, or taking any medicine, I think they are really strengthening their immunity and so far they are able to get rid of their fever within 48 hours, of course we closely monitor their temperature if it gets over 104, we will consider a trip to the doctor.


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  1. michele

    Dear Cynthia, I love to hear from you … and think of you often. I hope both boys are back on their feet again;) Dominic currently has a fever. Over here, they put warm cloth wraps around the child’s calf muscles and give them a lukewarm bath. If they have to treat a child, long lasting fever, they give suppositories of ibuprofen. I’m just monitoring Dominic and hopefully won’t have to take him to a doctor. Love, Michele PS Would you like visitors in NZ next summer? We may just be passing through;)

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