Seeing my grandmother after 20 years

I finally got in touch with my aunt who is living with my grandmother. My grandmother is 90 years old this year, she had a stroke last year and lost some of her ability to communicate, she can’t hear too well but her mind is still crystal clear, however, she had some speech impairs due to the stroke so we can’t understand 100% of what she says.

My aunt takes her to a community center every day, they both hang out there, the facility is excellent, clean and well set up, they have game rooms, a piano and plenty of recliners to rest, they also have massage chairs which are really nice features. They also have 10 computers but most of the folks there don’t use them. We had lunch there only cost us 6 RMB per person (less than 1 USD). For my grandmother, they charge her 4 RMB (about 60 cents) per day, that includes the food and the use of the service. It is indeed a wonderful place to take the elderly. They even have ma-john tables that automatically shuffle the dominoes.

Grandma was thrilled to see her great grandsons, and us. I called in the morning and showed up with Michael and the boys at lunch time. She really wanted to hold Lin and Li but they were shy,,I am so happy to see her doing great, she walks fine and likes to stand all the time, she turned my food tray so I face my rice rather than the dishes, she’s still the grandma I remember who takes care of everyone! I even got to see my cousin who I haven’t seen for decades as well. I am glad I was able to finally see all of them, otherwise I know it will be something I will regret later, I regret that I didn’t make enough efforts to visit her sooner but I am really happy about my decision.

My aunt was really happy to see the boys as well, she invited us to go back this weekend and spend the day with them. I am sorry to know that my uncle passed away 7 years before, I know he wasn’t well but didn’t know that he’d been gone for so long.

The whole thing about visiting my Grandmother is a good lesson for me. The problem my mom had with her sister and mother really should not be a burden on me, they’ve always treated me well and I often thought about visiting my Grandma, even though this is a normal thing to do, I didn’t because I was afraid that I would upset my mom. And I don’t really know what really happened between them, I am just thankful they welcome us with open arms and I am able to re-establish a relationship after 20 long years.



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