Roseola, and a long scary day

I haven’t got enough sleep lately, so I am exhausted but I just can’t sleep.

What happened today was every parent’s nightmare, both of us witnessed Lin having a febrile seizure. He was having a high fever since yesterday, was still very actively playing in the morning, then in the afternoon, the sudden temperature rise lead to a seizure, it lasted no more than 30 seconds, but seems so long as if it was a day. He rolled his eyes, and was shaking uncontrollably, his lips suddenly turned blue, and he locked his teeth so tight we couldn’t open them. My heart was breaking when I watched him suffer, not knowing what was going on.

We got a taxi and took him to the hospital right away, luckily we didn’t have to wait at all for anything, the nurses took him right away, his temperature was 104F/40C and they gave him a shot right away at 2:30pm to get his fever under control, he cried so hard I could hear it from across the hall when I was registering him. Michael said he couldn’t hold his tears, Lin was very strong and loud, it took four people to restrain him on the table.

Since Li had the fever, and this morning he had rash all over his body, we thought it was Roseola, I emailed Dr. Gil just to let him know about the details, I hope that I will be able to talk to him soon. The doctor recommended testing his brain activities to rule out the viral infection went into his brain, since his blood test result shows that he had a viral infection. But Lin was too fussy to have the testing done we had to give up. I came home, fed Li, who is perfectly happy. Glad Ayi was here and she stayed until we all got home, and I quickly looked it up online, looks like convulsion/seizure is a symptom of Roseola, I hate myself not putting him in a warm bath instead I was just using a wet towel, and kept the room warm to have his fever break. He had the seizure probably because he was overheated.

The doc said that a seizure less than 15 minutes isn’t going to cause any brain damage, I sure hope so. When I got back to the hospital, with supply of diaper, water and everything else, Lin was in Michael’s arm, he got his IV through his leg (not the head thankfully), and seemed very active and happy again! His temperature dropped to 37.7C, so he must be feeling a whole lot better. Michael said Lin struggled again during the IV but he also slept some, and peed in Michael’s pants twice (we took his diaper out because he was so fussy about it). We left the house without taking our mobile, much money, umbrella, water or diaper! In a way, I am glad that I wasn’t there when they stuck the needle in him, poor Michael, he had to stay with him the whole time and watch.

I have to say the hospital was wonderful, they were efficient, informative, quick and cheap. All of this cost us RMB200/USD30, glad we didn’t have to worry about insurance or anything but to get things done for Lin. I was terrified because my Grandmother actually lost her youngest daughter when she was 3 to a brain infection started by a high fever. All the terrible thoughts came through my mind and I couldn’t bear thinking about it but to move quickly, push through the process and get the job done.

Without further testing, the doc wasn’t sure if she can rule out brain infection even though it looks like a case of sudden fever leading to seizure. I have never been so scared before like today and being a parent is so hard when things like this happens.

We need to continue to monitor Lin’s temperature, making sure if he continues to have high fever, seizure, or vomiting, inactive, we will take him back immediately. This time though we will make sure that we get his temperature under control at all cost. When we got home, he was very playful, playing with my cell (that’s a treat) and wanting to push the buttons in the elevator as usual. When he sat in his chair, he was smiling and he looked so precious – being a mum is so much fun but I have so much fear that something may happen to him. Michael felt just as exhausted, holding Lin all afternoon, we even forgot our carrier when we left home but he was so gentle and I took a video in the taxi on the way back, he and Lin were like the best buddies. I love both of them, plus Li (he got plenty of attention in the past few days) so so much…

It was a long, scary day.



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8 responses to “Roseola, and a long scary day

  1. Nora Tu

    How terrifying! I’m so glad Lin is fine now and there was no harm from the seizure. Did they put him on Tylenol (acetaminophen) to reduce the fever? Poor little guy! So sorry you guys had to experience that!

    • He’s not fine yet. Michael and I are taking turns to monitor him right now. He had some Chinese herbal medication that relieves the fever but it seems at night, it went up again. 102, 103, 104 and Michael woke me up, While we were preparing the infant Tylenol it went up to 105. So we gave him the medicine, gave him a warm bath, that seems to be lower his temperature a lot. I rubbed his body with alcohol just now and he went back to sleep. I will take his temperature every half an hour from now on. It’s almost 2am but I am not tired at all…

      • Nora Tu

        OK I hope the fever goes away soon… So Li has it too? It’s good that you and Michael are so vigilant in monitoring them.

  2. Li had it but wasn’t as high but it was still in the 103F range. Lin woke up happy today, still having a 102F fever, it goes up and down a bit, now he seem to be in the 100F range. We are continuing with the alcohol rub, and I gave him the second does of infant Tylenol at 9am, however, the alcohol rub and a warm bath seem to work much better than the medicine, they quickly bring down the temperature. Medicine doesn’t seem to work as well. He also hates the Chinese medicine, even though it did taste pretty sweet. Lin has no appetite for food except for breast milk and water and his rice cracker, glad I am still breastfeeding, which keeps him hydrated.

  3. Guanglin

    My heart was aching knowing they got sick and you guys had to go through so much. You and Michael are strong parents. Finger crossed for fever free babies…

    • Thank you Guanglin…Lin’s fine, he’s having rash today also, so it’s Roseola as well. We wonder maybe its from going to the play area in the mall 😦

      Anyway, glad everyone is good…are you going to be back in China soon?

  4. Donna B

    How scary for you all! Being a parent is really hard in moments such as these.!

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