Update on Lin’s high fever

Thank you all for thinking about Lin, worrying about him and calling. I am happy to write this update, even though he’s not completely out of the woods but he’s getting much better. Two nights before Lin slept from 7pm, all the way till 3:30am. We checked his temperature at 10pm, it was 98.6F, so we didn’t give him medication, at 4am the following morning, his temperature was 101.5F but then the fever broke and his temperature has been normal ever since.

Yesterday the rash broke out, it started on this trunk, front and back, the all over his face. It doesn’t seem to be itchy but he was definitely very fussy throughout the day, just like Li. A lot of holding and soothing and more crying.

We did pay a second visit to the hospital the day before, since the Tylenol didn’t seem to bring his high fever. He got his second IV, Michael held him in the carrier this time, much better than the first time, he had to hold him in his arm for the whole time. Lin hated the needles, struggled and screamed but I am glad they were able to give him the shot on his foot. Two nights before it reached 105F, so we just wanted to make sure, when we arrived at the hospital, his temperature was still above 103F. They gave him another IV, which lasted for about an hour. During that time, I went and got Motrin, cooling pads for infants and got some snacks for ourselves, and talked to 3 different doctors. Although they all have different opinions on when and where to use medications, they did all agree that Tylenol and Motrin does have pretty strong side efforts but when the temperature gets over 103F, using physical cooling methods like warm bath, alcohol rub is not sufficient. The last doctor seems to be most helpful, and said the testing of the brain is not very meaningful (we were happy to hear that since it was impossible to keep Lin absolutely still for at least 10 minutes at this stage, even the sucking motions is going to throw things off), it’s going to be abnormal. It’s when he’s recovered, the testing  we are still concerned, we can do it after 2 weeks so we are happy that we canceled the order the other doctor placed. He explained that he wouldn’t recommend any medication unless the fever reaches 39C/103F, at that point, medication will be helpful to cool them down internally, since they are too young to regulate their temperature, he also explained that they are not that sick, if an adult has that kind of fever for several days he/she must be very sick, but infants or toddlers still play and do their normal things.

Yesterday soon after his temperature went back to normal, he started having the rash so it was a relief to know  he had Roseola as well. I was more concerned about not knowing what kind of virus he had contracted, if there’s any, the fever probably took care if it at this point. The last day we also gave him antibiotics Ceclor, that seemed to work really well, or the fever had run its course.

His rash is much more severe, and he obviously seemed to be bothered by it. More fussy and easily irritated, so we gave him a lot of TLC. His appetite seemed to be improving, my cousin is a nurse and her husband is a doctor at the same hospital we took Lin to. It was good to know if we needed a hospital bed he could help out but we didn’t need to keep him there overnight.

It was a good lesson for us, learning to manage the balance of how much we can push the limit, well this time, we failed to keep his temperature down by not having the air-conditioner on all the time, I would turn it on and cool off the room then turn it off, that afternoon we could have given him the warm bath which would have quickly dropped his temperature. We thought he would be like Li naturally have the fever break but we were wrong.

He’s overall good. however, until his rash is completely gone, we still have to be very cautious, I called my cousin and she said we just have to let the rash run its course, it takes a while for the immune system to completely finish off the virus, he doesn’t seem to have the symptoms of having infections in his brain or lungs like vomiting so I am happy about that.

Being parents is very hard!


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