We are moving

I can’t believe we have one week left to sort out our stuff, next Tuesday, Santa Fe will come and pack everything but there’s a lot of prep work. Michael started to inventory everything that’s going into the container.

Since we have a 20ft container, we purchased new furniture, I got a Chinese Zwilling knife at the store then a set of Twin Gourmet pots and pans through the Chinese shopping network OCJ, at a great price. Also a few visits to Ikea where we got most of the play table, desk and some toys for the boys. Our other favorite shop is Decathlon, where we got lots of cool sports equipment and sports clothing which will be fitting for New Zealand.

This week we will be very busy, the furniture will be shipped to the warehouse, I need to call the US consulate to find out if my re-entry permit has arrived, also finalize our trip itinerary after we arrive in New Zealand, temp housing is still not confirmed, and just many other errands to run, its quite overwhelming but compared to our move from Cary to Shanghai, this is a breeze!


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  1. Donna

    Hope everything went well for you all!

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