Busy day in town

Michael and I have been waiting for the launch of Nissan Leaf in New Zealand, which will be end of this year. We tried to use the bus but it’s just too difficult with the babies. We had a good day today, got on the bus with no problem, and on the way back, the driver dropped us off right in front of the Mews.

So we decided to get a car, apparently the prices here are more expensive but we found one on trademe last night, it was a Nissan 2001 Liberty for 7K NZD (about 56K USD). The dealer’s wife drove it here today so we could take a look at it. We both liked it, it was an import from Japan, Michael test drove it and thought it was  weird driving it because of the opposite of everything. This morning we went to AA (which is equivalent to AAA but they do everything there including licensing) so Michael got his New Zealand driver’s license by only filling out a form, it was so easy! We also stopped by couple of real estate office to check on the rentals that are available in the area.

Boys did great this morning, we stopped by the Coffee Club, they gave us a complimentary VIP membership so we buy one drink and get one free, Michael and I both love the Chai Latte with soy, the Kiwis really know how to make drinks especially coffee, they definitely inherited the European style very well. While I was entertaining the boys, Michael went to the Kiwi Bank/Post Office next door to submit his credit card application.

We then spent the lunch time at the Plaza (the newest mall), we were really happy with our curry dishes at the Indian restaurant at the food court! Boys were so happy in the stroller (push chair or pram, how locals call them), they were talking, singing and laughing all the way, that put a smile on everyone who saw them. We also found the nicest change room at the mall – it’s not very big with a few change tables, and a separated play area for kids, so parents could use the bathroom as well, it says ‘Dads Welcome’ so Michael and I really enjoyed changing the boys and feeding them! There were two comfy chairs with. curtains.

At Kmart we bought some very basic kitchen utensils, plates, knife set and silverware, they are very cheap and actually well made. Then we walked past Bed, Bath & Beyond, they had almost everything 50% off. We ended up getting a douvet, pillow cases, some sheets and towels. Santa Fe wrote us and confirmed that our container will arrive Wellington on Oct 5th so it’s actually not too bad.

So another busy day but we are happier already, the past two nights we all got some good sleep and that made the world of difference. Boys napped today in the stroller from 11 to noon, then Lin napped from 4 to 5 in the afternoon and Li slept till 5:30pm! They seem to go to bed now around 9pm, which is great since we all get up around 6 or 7am instead of 4 am in Shanghai.

Hopefully we will have our car this week since I would really like to check out the homes for rent and IPC (International Pacific College) has a Sakura Festival (Cherry Blossom) this Saturday, and it’s just up the hill from where we are now. I can’t wait.




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