Grass is greener on the other side?

Yes apparently so! Grass is so green here all year around, I haven’t asked around but I don’t think fertilizer is necessary here. It might be the nutrients in the soil is sufficient to grow really green grass. And the weather is really wicked in Palmerston North, locals say it does rain frequently in winter but it will pour for five minutes then the sun will come out right away. We got caught in the rain today coming back home from the city center and we walked to the dry spot under the bridge and a minute later the rain stopped and it was sunny again!

Michael found a car on trademe and it’s a Nissan Liberty, import from Japan, with decent price and relatively low mileage. The car is in Levin, it was a dealer selling it and his wife drove out the car to show us the other day and picked up Michael again today, they both drove to Levin. We went to AA this morning to get insurance, just under 250 NZD, and then to ANZ to get a check for the payment. It went pretty smoothly, before we headed home, we walked to Baby City, another baby supply store near city center, they had a nicer play area than Baby Factory, and I found two $15 snowsuit for the boys which is perfect for them to resist the cold (really strong wind) for the next few weeks. They look adorable in them! They played for a while, and we got them changed as well. The boys now definitely know where they are since they get really excited when they go to a play area. I am thinking about taking them to Lollipop playland this weekend. Also IPC is having the international festival tomorrow so it will be fun.

Michael was a bit nervous about driving home from Levin it will be his first time driving with everything on the opposite side, he will then get the car seats for the babies, of all the car seats we saw, Safety 1st Complete Air was our favorite, but also comes with a hefty 350NZD (about USD 280 compared to $200 price tag in the US) but safety first!


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